Difference between Food Scientist and Food Science Technician


Food scientists are those who apply scientific principles and methods for better processing, maintenance and distribution of food and related food products. The food scientists use their knowledge gained from scientific research to develop variety food items without losing its nutritional value. Those who assist the food scientist in areas of production, in quality check of food items and in research are known as Food Science Technician. Even though the application area of these professionals sounds similar, there exist certain dissimilarities between the two.

Food Scientist Courses and career opportunities

A bachelor degree in Food Technology or Agricultural Science is enough to obtain an entry-level job in food industry. With relevant experience in food technology individuals can mould their career as Food Scientist. It is better to select any of the reputed institutions approved by the Institute of Food Technologists for pursuing education. Those who have passed XII class with science background are much suited to apply for 4-year bachelor degree in Food Technology. Higher study options such as PG and Phd courses also awaits for those candidates who are interested to carry on their studies. A lot of job opportunities exist in dairies and food processing industries for Food scientist. These professionals can also build up an exciting career in education sector and also in research and development.

Food Science Technician Courses and career opportunities

A diploma program or a certificate course in applied science or food technology is enough to obtain an entry in to the job profile of Food Science Technician. Generally the employers offering such jobs mainly decide the qualification requirements. Matriculation is enough to do a short term course in Food Technology. The main role of these professionals in food processing industries is to ensure the quality of food based on the regulations set by the regulatory agencies.

Key differences between Food Scientist and Food Science Technician

  • Food Scientist employs innovative measures for the development of new products where as Food Science Technician help out in research and development.

Nature of job is much different for both these professionals. Job nature for food technicians are much practical oriented than that of Food Scientist. The eligibility required to obtain jobs in both the profiles are also different. Even though there are slight differences between the two, both job profiles can find diverse application in the same field. Ample career openings and attractive remuneration are offered to both the type of professionals.



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