Difference between Social Studies and Social Science


Although Social Studies and Social Science sounds similar, both are entirely different streams of study. Social Studies deal with the study of the society as a whole, which encompass current and past events. In contrast, Social Science is branch of Science that is concerned with the study of the communal life, the evolution of human groups and folks, as well as economics, topography, ancient times, political science, psychology, social studies, sociology and so on.

Social Studies courses and career opportunities

Social studies courses reveal the varying nature of knowledge, fostering exclusively innovative and highly incorporated approaches to resolve issues of significance to humanity. There are various subdivisions in Social Studies. Geography, History, Anthropology and Humanities all come under Social Science. Besides the graduate and postgraduate programs in Social Studies, aspirants can pursue the PhD programs in the same in their interesting topics. Aspirants should complete the post graduation in the concerned disciplines to get good employments in the sector. Their career prospects vary according to the area in which they are specialized. On completion of their course, they can expect employments in public or private sector as an Urban Planner, Sociologist, Anthropologist, Social Worker, Historian, and so on.

Social Science courses and career opportunities

Many Universities and institutes in India offer diverse Social Science courses. Both Bachelors’ and Masters’ programs are available in Social Science. Those who want to become research analysts in Social Science have to pursue the M Phil or PhD courses in the respective fields. Aspirants can specialize in Criminology, Political Science, Linguistics, International relations and so on. After completing the course, they can search out for career in the respective fields in which they are specialized. They can seek out for employments in private or Government agencies.

Key differentiators between Social Studies and Social Science

  • Social Studies is the study of all phases of societies whereas Social Science is the inference of those studies with the intention of solving problems within a society, which may lead to the ultimate development of the society as a whole.
  • Social Studies is the incorporated study of Social Science and humanities to endorse efficient citizenry.

Even if Social Studies and Social Science are poles apart, both these subject collectively help to make improvements and advancements in the society.



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