Difference between Social Studies and History


Social Studies and History are two different subject taught in the academic curriculum of students. History stands as a subdivision of the broad topic of Social Studies. Studies on society and the social behavior of the participants comprises under the extensive area of Social Studies. The same is meant to impart social competence. The subject makes aspirant aware about his responsibilities towards society. The same also helps one to improve his behavior in the society. All these developmental aspects in turn results in the growth of the society. The subject of History educates students with historical incidences of the past. Though both the subjects are linked to each other, there exist certain differences between them.

Social Studies Courses and Opportunities

There exist many Universities and educational institutions in the country that offers courses on social science. The courses are offered at bachelors, masters and at doctorate levels. The subjects covered under the subject are Geography, History, Anthropology, and Humanities. The participants can specialize in their area of interest and can get in to job positions in the same area. Degree holders in social studies can find job opportunities both in industry as well as government sector.

History Courses and Opportunities

History is a specialization area under social studies. The same is also offered at all course levels as that offered for social studies. The aspirants, who complete the course, can get employed in public or private sector. They can have the role of Business Analyst, Historian, Documentation Specialist, Research Assistant, Teacher, Editor in journals, etc. The initial level salary for these aspirants will be less. It may increase with the nature of job and experience in the same. Apart from these opportunities, the aspirant can find lot of career openings outside the country also.

Key differences between Social Studies and History

  • Social Studies as a discipline is an umbrella term, which comprises of Geography, History, Anthropology and Humanities. History comes under the subdivision of the broad term of Social Studies.
  • The subject of Social Studies give emphasis to the study of society and the social behavior of its participants where as History focuses on the historical events happened the past.

The subject of History has contributed a lot to the development of Social studies as a discipline.



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