Difference between Natural Science and Social Science


Natural Science and Social Science are two different subjects that vary basically in their content and in course structure. Social science deals with the diverse aspects of human behavior and society. It gives importance to social competence in order to develop a healthy social life. Natural Science on the other hand explores matter and natural features of the universe by certain scientific methods. Both the subjects differ from each other in subject matter, in the methods/technology used and in the nature of career they provide to participants.

Natural Science and Opportunities

Natural Science comprises diverse topics of study. It includes subjects such as Astronomy, Biology, Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Oceanography, Material Science, Earth Science, Atmospheric Science, and so on. These popular subjects are offered at undergraduate, postgraduate and at PhD levels. The theories that are formulated under natural science can be proven by scientific techniques and experiments. There exists lot of career opportunities in public and private sector for those who complete studies on natural science. One has to attempt competitive exams carried out by UPSC, SSC, IFS, Banks, etc to get in to public sector jobs.

Social Science and Opportunities

Like Natural Science, Social Science is also an umbrella term given to a group of subjects. It covers areas of anthropology, economics, international relations, political science, history, geography, psychology, law, criminology, etc. Job opportunities for Social Science graduates are also fair in industrial and as well as other areas. The candidates have to go with the procedures of the recruiting firm to get in to jobs offered by the same.

Key difference between Natural Science and Social Science

  • Natural sciences includes the study of matter and universe by certain scientific methods where as no scientific methods are employed in the area of Social Science.
  • The course curriculum offered by both the subjects is different. The topics covered under both these subjects are entirely different.

The higher study programs and job opportunities offered for both the subjects are different. The aptitude and skills required to the learner for these two programs are different.The subject of Natural Science include a lot of research where as Social Science is not research specific.



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