PhD in social and community services


Being a social animal, social service is like a virtual responsibility for every human. Social and community service is not a compulsion, but it is something which all of us should do in our life, though we are not forced to do it. Social and community services fall basically under the vast category of human services. Social and community services are very essential for a society to prosper and keeping that in mind high level course like PhD in social and community service is introduced.

Under this course, one is taught, various ways of helping the society and the people living in there. One is also taught the various aspects in which one can work in order to benefit the society and the community.

One requires being at least a post graduate or a master’s degree holder in order to be eligible for the course of PhD in social and community services. The master’s degree should be from a well recognized institute or university.

Course outlook:

The course duration of PhD in social and community services is not fixed. It varies from college to college and depends on the student and the topic of their thesis. As soon as the thesis is over, the course gets over. Thus, the course lasts only till the thesis of the research is complete and gets approved.

Job Prospects:

There are plenty of jobs in the market for these degree holders. One can join various organizations and wings of government which aims at serving people.

Best places to pursue:

Delhi University

University of Bombay

Madras University



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    Sushil Tiwari:

    Please suggest me when would be the admission in MSW from ignou. What is the eligibility and fees for this course.

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    Subhajit Patra:

    i pusuing my m.s.w in this that i need ful information how i applying for phd in social work?