DOEACC A Level A6- R3 Data Structure through C language Papers


DOEACC is one of the premier IT organizations spreading quality education in non formal sectors at different level. A6- R3 Data Structure through C language is one such paper under the A level program of this institute which is very much essential for a going to be professional.

Division of paper:

The question paper is divided into two sections. Section A of the question paper contains 4 questions and the Section B contains 5 questions. The question paper has questions from various segments of Data structure and C language.


The question paper carries a total of 100 marks. Sections A of the paper carries 40 marks while the Section B caries a total of 60 marks.

Time allowed for the examination:

The total time allowed for the examination is three hours.

Paper pattern:

The question paper contains a total of 9 questions. Section A of the paper contains total 4 questions and is the compulsory one and each of which carries 10 marks. Instructions are given to write the answers of section A in the tear- off answer sheet only. Section B of the paper contains 5 questions, out of which only 4 are to be answered correctly in the separate answer sheet provided. The questions of the Section B carry 15 marks each and the total mark carried by this section is 60.

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