DOEACC C Level Object Oriented Methodology Papers


DOEACC (Department of electronics and accreditation of computer courses) is an autonomous body that is involved in information technology education. DOEACC C level Object Oriented Methodology is one of the paper which is included in the C level examination conducted by DOEACC. This paper deals with program design concepts, object oriented concepts, java language, graphics and user interfaces, network features, java 3D, OO languages. This paper basically deals with the concepts involving object oriented programming and describes in details the Java language.

Recommended Books for this paper

There are many books available for this paper like Dietel and Dietel’s “how to program Java 2”, supplementary books like Herbert Schildt’s “the complete reference-java2” and many other books. This helps in forming a strong base about the subject and thereby helps in scoring better marks in the subject.

Marks Distribution:

The object oriented methodology paper is of total 100 marks. Total of five questions are to be attempted. The first question is compulsory and rest out of the remaining any four are to be done. The first compulsory question carries 28 marks and rest of the four questions carries 18 marks each. A question may contain many sub groups. It must be kept in mind that all the sub questions of a particular question must be answered together and in the same sequence.

Paper pattern:

The same structure of the paper is followed for every object oriented methodology paper. The sub questions may contain many sub questions. The marks of the sub questions are not evenly distributed. Marks are given according to the question. Marks may range from 2 to 10 and sometimes even more. This paper mainly contains object oriented concepts and a detailed picture of java.

Time allotted for the examination

Maximum time allowed to the students is three hours.

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