DOEACC - C Level, Data Warehousing And Mining Papers


Data warehousing and mining is a subject that is connected with management of databases and retrieval of data from databases. This is an important subject when it comes to database management and has to be thoroughly grasped by the students who are in the field of database management.

About the subject and the pattern of questions

The subject is all about management of data and retrieval of data and the various programs and applications that are used to perform these functions like OLAP.

The question paper is devoid of sections. It is a descriptive paper and consists of seven questions that are further divided into sub questions. Seven questions are printed under question 1 and the rest of the questions contain three sub questions. Question 1 is compulsory and all the questions under it have to be attempted by the candidates. From the rest of the questions, the candidates need to choose any four and have to answer them. Question 1 consists of questions where the candidates have to answer by stating the definitions. All the other questions in the paper are essay type questions and need a lot of elaboration.

Method of marking and duration of the paper

The paper is marked out of 100. The candidates need to score a minimum of 45 for passing. Question 1 consists of seven sub questions of four marks each, summing to 28. The rest of the questions contain three sub questions each of six marks and the marks of the rest add to 72.

The paper is for three hours. The candidates need to answer the paper at a rapid pace to ensure they are able to answer all the questions as required. Prior to the start of the exam, the question paper will be distributed to the candidates and 15 minutes will be allotted for reading the question paper.

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