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The subject Computer Graphics and Multimedia Systems under Department of Electronics and Accreditation of Computer Courses comes in the B level of the course. There are a total of four levels here O,A, B and finally C. It is coded as B4.4-R3 and has topics like the primitives of graphics hardware and the basics of mathematics and the concepts of solving numerical based on computer graphics. The operations involved in computer graphics like clipping etc and the various aspects of multimedia systems. It also deals with concepts involving the transformation of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional and their projections.

Paper pattern:

COMPUTER GRAPHICS and MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS paper is divided into two sections, one compulsory and one section where one can choose from the questions suitable questions which they can attempt. Section A has total marks of 28 and has questions with 4 marks that has to be answered. The second section sees one to choose four questions from the six given questions and is of 18 marks each. They have been divided into sub parts so that one can answer with ease.

Maximum marks and maximum time:

The time allotted to a student to complete the COMPUTER GRAPHICS and MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS paper is 3 hours and the maximum marks obtainable are 100.

Frequently asked questions:

The questions that finds major occurrence in the question paper are from topics like usage of data compression in multimedia systems or the MIDI files creation and stating the various aspects of its application, it also deals with topics like clipping, characteristics of digital audio. One is also to know concepts of Cohen Sutherland algorithm as well as Curus and beck algorithm and other related algorithm. It is a theoretical paper so one has to have a detailed knowledge of the paper.

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