DOEACC, B Level Course, Data Structure through C Language Papers


About the Examination:

There are a number of levels in DOEACC and an examinee has to qualify in a level to move up to the level above that. The various levels are O, A ,B and C. Data structure through C language is one of the several papers required to be qualified for moving to the next level and is coded as B2.1-R3

Examination Pattern:

Data Structure through C Language (B2.1-R3) is one of the papers of level b, and comes in the second semester. There is a total of 5 semesters that one needs to qualify to move to the next level. The course gives a basic knowledge of computing, mathematics relating to information technology.


Concepts of object oriented programming language like C, develop algorithm to solve real life problems using the knowledge, Stacks, linked lists, queues and other data structures.  Top down and bottom up algorithm designing, basics of time and space complexity, concepts of polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance. The use of arrays and pointers to solve problems. Concepts of trees- binary trees, threaded binary tree. Heap sort, radish sort, binary search, graph representation etc.

Paper Pattern:

The paper is divided into two parts, part one and part two. Part one consists of all objective type of questions like fill in the blanks, multiple choices and true or false. Part one has forty marks.
Part two has subjective type of questions and has 60 marks allotted to it. There is an option of attempting 4 questions out of the 5 that is given. Each question carries 15 marks so that makes a total of 60.The questions are sub- divided into parts for the ease of answering.

Full marks of the question and the time allotted:

The total mark allotted is 100 and the maximum time given is 3 hours.

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