DOEACC B Level Course-Basic Mathematics Papers


The world of science and mathematics are complimentary to each other and it is virtually impossible to perceive one without the other. Anything and everything that we do in science is somewhere or the other linked with the world of mathematics whether it is physics, chemistry, biology or say computers. The candidates pursuing a course in the world of computer programming or rather anything need to know the basics of the mathematics which is useful for them in the generation of the various computer codes.

Importance of the paper

The DOEACC B Level Course-Basic Mathematics Papers stresses a lot on the applied portion of the matrix algebra, differentiation and integration etc which are taught in the 11th and 12th standard to the students. These form the backbone of the various aspects of the computer programming like the arrays, loops etc.


Basic Mathematics Paper carries 100 marks and students have to solve the questions on the answer scripts provided for the same.

Paper pattern

A candidate will find 7 questions in this paper and he has to answer 5 out of them. Question 1 has to be answered by all and from rest 6 questions they can answer any 4 questions of their choice.


Different questions carries different and it marks depends on the difficulty level of the problems. Marks for the questions are mentioned along with the questions.

Some questions from the question paper

The questions that most frequently feature in the question paper are

1. a) Show that (log x) /x has a maximum value at x = e. Compute the maximum value.

b) If 2θ is the angle between two unit vectors an r and b r, then show that Ia -bI = 2sinθ.

c) Representing the area by integral, find the area of the region bounded by the lines x = 4, y = 1 and x + 4y = 4.

Time allotted

DOEACC has allotted 3 hours time duration for Basic Mathematics Paper.

Recommended books

The subject is new but still the most popular books are “Basic concepts of mathematics by B.S.Grewal” and “Vector Algebra by Das and Pal”.

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