DOEACC C Level Course-Multimedia Technology & Virtual Reality Papers


The invention of computers is one of the highest achievements of mankind as a race. With the invention of computers man made many things possible which could not even be perceived to be possible before the invention of the computers. Multimedia is one of them. It is basically the computerized representation of the physical things. These representations are so life like and alike that they are known as the virtual reality. It means that even though we feel like they are there, they are not actually present.

Importance of the paper

DOEACC C Level Course-Multimedia Technology & Virtual Reality Papers thus deals with the aspect of programming and the computer tools that help in designing the various multimedia projects. A great many deal of questions are asked from all the topics mentioned in the syllabus.


Generally the Multimedia Technology & Virtual Reality Paper is of 100 marks which are divided into several questions of different marks. This paper normally has 7 questions out of which only 1st question is mandatory to be answered by all. Candidates can answer any 4 questions from rest 6 questions.

Marks Distribution

The first question which is a compulsory one has been given a weightage of 28 marks. This question contains 7 questions with 4 marks weightage for each of the questions. As the paper is a subjective one there is no question of negative marking. Candidates who can write good answers with proper explanations can fetch good marks.

Some important topics in the question paper

Some important questions include question on Definition of DVI, About MPEG-1 standard, MPEG-7, Transform Coding, Virtual; Reality System, Hypermedia and hypertext, ADDIE model of multimedia development life cycle, RTP and RSVP protocols, MP3 compression scheme, Encoding an image with JPEG, VRML, Common Intermediate Format (CIF) and Quarter Common Intermediate Format (QCIF), MPEG-4, Real Time Transport Protocol, Importance of QOS in multimedia communication etc.

Time allotted

You are expected to complete this paper in 3 hours and no extra time will be awarded for the same.

Recommended books

The subject is new but still the most popular books are “Virtual Reality Technology by Grigore C. Burdea and Phillip Coiffet and “Designing Virtual Reality Systems: The structured Approach by Gerard Kim.

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