DOEACC - C Level Multimedia Technology and Virtual Reality Papers


The growing trend is the multimedia and for an M.Tech student the Multimedia Technology and Virtual reality paper paves the way towards the knowledge of multimedia which is very interesting and very useful. This subject gives the knowledge of the internal things and the total description of the smallest things used in multimedia technology.

Disadvantage compared to other level courses:

Unlike the other levels i.e. O, A and B which has forty objective questions and only sixty marks subjective the C level papers are full subjective. They don’t have objective type questions in their paper instead there are only theory questions that too can be sometimes long or rather very long type of questions.

Division of marks:

The first compulsory question of the paper is of 28 marks and rest six questions are of 18 marks each. The student has to attempt four questions out of the given six. There are no internal options in the paper and generally the first question has seven four mark questions which are all compulsory whereas the rest questions are divided into three subparts each of 6 marks each. Three hours is allotted for the paper.

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    After completion of Diploma in multimedia and animation which course is suitable for me ?