DOEACC - C Level Image Processing and Computer Vision Papers


Department of Electronics and Accreditation of Computer Courses (DOEACC), is an autonomous institute. This institute is governed by Indian Ministry of communication and information technology. This institute imparts education in the field of information, electronics and communication technology. It is based in New Delhi but has many centers in India. There are 5 computer courses taught by this institute. Among these, one is the C level course which is equivalent to the M. Tech level course.

About the Paper

Image processing and Computer Vision is an elective paper in the C level curriculum under DOEACC. This subject mainly deals with image enhancement in spatial and frequency domain, image segmentation, compression, representation, 3D vision and etc.

Recommended Book

Ganzalez and Woods, “Digital Image Processing” covers the topics in the syllabus. Students may refer this book.

Insights on the paper

This paper has 7 questions, out of which 1st question is compulsory and any four questions are to be answered from question no. 2 to 7. The 1st question carries 28 marks. There are sub questions and the answers must be written in the same sequence as questions appear on the question paper. Questions 2 to 7 carry 18 marks each. These questions also have sub questions. Total marks for this paper is 100.

Time duration of the exam

A maximum of 3 hours time is allotted for this paper. Students must complete their paper in this time.

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