DOEACC - C Level, Computer Organisation Papers


The Department of Electronics and Accreditation of Computer Courses also known as DOEACC, is a scientific autonomous society that comes under the Indian Ministry of Communications & Information Technology and provides training, entrepreneurship, product development and also human resource development information in electronics, communication and information technology. The DOEACC was established by the electronics department with the intention of harnessing the resources available in private sectors used for training in computers, so as to meet the requirement of trained human resources.

Subject info

In the field of computer science and engineering, computer organization, also called macro-architecture is the organizational method whereby an instruction set architecture can be applied or implemented in a processor. A computer can be represented as a hierarchy of different levels that shows the different aspects of a computer and their relation to each other.

Sectional division and time/marks allocation

This paper is of hundred marks. There are two sections in this paper. The first part is of forty marks and the second part is of sixty marks. The total time allocated to this paper is three hours.

Pattern of the question paper

The first section in this paper which is of forty marks, comprises of short questions such as multiple choice questions containing four options, true and false, match the column, fill in the blanks, one words questions and other kind of short questions, each containing one mark. All the questions in this section is compulsory. Part B contains five questions with two or three sub parts and each question carries fifteen marks. The candidate is required to answer any four out of the five questions.

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