DOEACC B Level-Network Management & Information Security Papers


DOEACC B Level-Network Management & Information Security  course is taught in the institutes that provide engineering courses for computer science and electronics engineers. It ensures that the basics are known to each student. The fundamentals must be known by any engineering student who wishes to work in the IT sector in the future.70 theory hours and 50 lab hours are dedicated to it.

Importance of the paper

The course is vital for the overall development of electronics and computer science engineers. One must be adept in it in order to be hired by IT companies in the long run.


The format of the paper is like any other paper of an engineering course offered by DOEACC B LEVEL. It has 2 parts of which the first question carrying 28 marks is compulsory. Of the other 6 questions only 6 need to be answered and those carry 18 marks.

Paper pattern

The paper covers every chapter be it Introduction to Information Security, Identification and Authentication, Access Control, Security Policy Design, Cryptography etc. The weightage varies with the number of hours given to each chapter in the lectures.


The paper is marked such that the first compulsory question has 28 marks but the choice questions each have 18 marks. It’s a total of 100.


The paper has to be completed by 3 hours.

Recommended books

William Stallings, “Network Security Essentials”, Gollmann, Dieter, “Computer Security”

Micki Krause, Harold F. Tipton, “Handbook of Information Security Management” are the important books of this subject. For additional reading one may include Debby Russell, T. Gangemi, Sr., “Computer Security Basics”, Simson Garfield,”Web Security, Privacy Commerce” and Dr. R.K. Tiwari, P.K. Sastri, K.V. Ravikumar, “Computer Crime and Computer Forensics”

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