DOEACC B Level Course Object Oriented Database Management System Papers


The ‘B’ level course of DOEACC has 5 semesters; the first 2 are same as that of ‘A’ level only the codes are different. Object Oriented Database Management System’s code is ‘B5.2’and as the name suggests it deals with database storage.

Syllabus of examination:

It takes 120 hours to complete Database Management systems course where theoretical session is conducted for 60 hours and the remaining is devoted to the practical work. An overview is given for the first 5 hours. Then topics like Object Oriented Concepts, Analysis and Design (OOAD); Object Oriented Programming; Advanced Database Technology; Object Oriented Database Systems(Including Object Relational Database Systems); Distributed Object Oriented Systems Standards(OMG&CORBA); Security Authorization is taught.

Recommended books:

One can follow “Object Oriented Databases Systems: Approaches and Architecture” by CSR Prabhu and “Introduction to Object Oriented Programming” by K.V.Witt.

Time Duration:

The exam is conducted in the month of July and January and is for 3 hours duration.

Division of the paper:

The paper on database management is of 100 marks and is the part of the fifth semester. There are a total of 6-7 questions from each of the topic mentioned above. This question has 2-3 sub parts and each question may carry 4-6 marks so they are not long answer type question. The questions are mainly theoretical and student can make a note of it by studying the last year papers.


The first question which is compulsory has 7 questions out of which only 4 are to be answered. Each question carries 7 marks. The questions from 2-7 are all 18 marks question and students are required to answer any 4 out of these.

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