DTP operator - How to become a DTP operator?


DTP operators are the trained professionals who make use of Desk Top Publishing (DTP) software for enhancing the features of various print media like books, journals, magazines etc. They will obtain the design of the publication from the client or designer and uses the software to produce the layout of each page according to that design.  They will select the font, column width, color and spacing according to the design. They are also responsible for producing graphics like diagrams, charts and tables. They make sure whether the images are placed near the concerned text.  They use the Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML) to convert the documents to internet-ready format. DTP operators thus design various publications electronically to make it attractive and easy to read.

Qualifying Exam

Those who have basic knowledge of DTP operation can become a DTP operator. But such candidates cannot sustain in their profession due to their limited knowledge. If they want to be a professional DTP operator, then they should complete graduation in any stream or diploma in desktop publishing. Then they should complete Post Graduate Diploma in Desk Top Publishing (PGDTP) to practice as a desk top operator in any organization which focus on printing and publishing.

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who want to pursue degree or diploma course should pass plus two or its equivalent examination. There may be entrance test for getting admission to any degree course. Candidates should qualify the concerned entrance test to pursue the degree course offered at any institution. Any candidate who have passed plus two or its equivalent examination can apply for the diploma course. After completing degree or diploma course, one can apply for the Post Graduate Diploma in Desk Top Publishing (PGDTP) course offered at various institutions. Those who have completed this post graduate diploma course can pursue their career as DTP operator.

Key elements in the process

  • Pass plus two or its equivalent examination
  • Complete graduation in any stream or diploma in desktop publishing
  • Complete Post Graduate Diploma in Desk Top Publishing
  • Apply for the job

Skills required for a DTP operator

DTP operators should be creative as they are responsible for implementing the design specified by the client or designer. They should have exceptional computer knowledge and skills. They should be able to prioritize their work and complete it before the deadline.  They should be well aware of new computer technologies and software.



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    any futures in D.T.P. OPERATOR

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    I am a graphic designer 4 year experience my age 22year but not i want to go this field in government job permanent………?which vacancy for me in government sector and how to prepare and pass exam?