Computer Operator - How to become a Computer Operator?


Professionals who ensure the smooth and safe working of the hardware systems, network systems or mainframes are commonly referred to as Computer Operators. They are responsible for troubleshooting the technical problems that arises in computer. They always monitor and manage the system to guarantee the proper working of the same. They also work with analyst and programmers at times of testing programs.

The responsibilities of a computer operator vary according to the parameters set aside by the employer. After gaining experience and expertise in the role of a Computer operator, one can move in to the areas of engineering or programming according to their interest. The candidate should possess adequate technical education and experience in the same to become an efficient computer operator.

Qualifying Exam

The bachelor’s degree or diploma in Computer Science is the necessary qualification required to get in to the post of Computer Operator. Most of the firms prefer those with previous experience in the related technology. Technical knowledge and trouble shooting skills are also desirable for the job profile of the same. The candidate has to go through the entrance test carried out by the recruiting firm to obtain the job.

Who are eligible to apply?

The candidate who has passed HSC with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are eligible to get in to graduate level programs in Computer Science. Such candidates who completed the graduate level programs are eligible to apply to the position of computer operator.

Key elements in the process

  • Pursue HSC with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as subjects.
  • Undergo graduate level courses in Computer Science.
  • Search and apply for the post of Computer operator in any of the well-established organizations.

Skills required for a Computer Operator

The candidate should have sound technical knowledge and trouble shooting skills to build a career of computer operator. They should possess the ability to understand information provided in the work related documents. Good analytical skills and effective communication is also preferred in these professionals. They should be efficient in identifying the operational errors and the methods to correct it. Readiness to work in case of emergency are also expected from those who are engaged in this kind of business.



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    hi , i just want to kow that about 1 year diploma course by which we can get good seating job with ease. i also want ot know thiese kind of instritute from where i can do this course. and what is the expense will come during persuing this course. plz guide me as early as possible. plz sir, i m very consisous towards my future . i never got any good opportunities so that’ why i want to get some good news now. plz help me as most as u can.