Engineering is still the desired career option


The Engineering stream is a highly respected career option in India in the present day with more and more students pursuing the stream as a career path every year. The increasing demand for Information Technology and design engineers has cleared the path for creating this profession, profitable in all aspects.

An attractive career in engineering waits

The Indian higher education sector has been able to meet the demand by setting up a more number of world class engineering institutes providing quality curriculum. There are many reasons that make the career in engineering an attractive one. Reasons include opportunity to travel to many parts of the world, exciting career growth opportunities in the company and in the industries, flexible working hours, and the high amount of compensation when compared to other careers.

The myths shattered

A recent study has evaluated an average engineer based on the world famous Emergenetics evaluation. It evaluates the skill sets of each of them based on the creative, social, structural and analytical orientation in the context of the left and right brain.

On the contrary the report shatters the belief that the engineers are prone to be more structural and analytical, while the reality is that the new generation engineers are equally social and creative. This is the emerging trend among the present day engineers, which has developed out of the competitive and dynamic work requirements of the global village culture.

We have seen friends and family members who have flourished as engineers over the years. Engineers usually adapt to every situation and they live a contented life. The training and experience they receive presents them with access to careers in various other allied fields in business and management.

Engineers are going to reshape the future world

The world has changed and is undergoing a transformation in the process of being re-engineered in the 21st century. The emergence of developing economies such as India which will soon lead the world economy is reshaping the world.

With the emergence of developing countries such as India, which is the second populous country in the world, there is a significant increase in the demand for various goods and services. Moreover there is an acute shortage of engineers across the world, as developed countries are facing the problem of retirement of engineers who have been working since the cold war. The present world requires a new generation of excellent engineers who can design and construct a new world.

A world of opportunities is opening up in the future

The future of the world lies in the hands of the engineers. As a result an engineering professional graduating in this decade will have immense opportunities in the future years. So this will be the perfect time for any one aspiring to be an engineer to realize their dreams in the area of engineering. Usually ideas of products takes birth in the minds of the engineers which takes the form of design in a paper, then into a prototype, and manufactured in a factory and is made available to the public, which touches the life of many. The satisfaction and the feeling that the engineer experiences when the product is introduced is amazing.

The experience and realizations enable the engineer to compete and develop and enhance his craft. There are various qualities that are essential and represent an engineer today.

Problem solving

Engineers are good in solving challenging problems and the inspiration and the insight needed to solve the issue may emerge at any time. A typical engineer is self motivated and is inspired to come in to work every day with new ideas or to improve his engineering task while delivering the result so that the product can be built and tested. Engineers exhibit strong companionship with his colleagues whose help he takes and is always willing to help others.

Engineers are committed to their work and always complete their work on time or ahead of the schedule and delivers more than what is expected. They live a satisfied life realizing that his or her every day contributions are influencing the future world, which will be better than what we live in today, where the future generation can live happily.

Training makes them better problem solvers

The training they receive make then critically analyze every problem and think logically, whether in the case of an engineering problem or a business problem. They are capable of making dreams come true, and this helps them in transforming concepts into products. They follow a hands on approach in solving problems and see to it problems are solved. Engineers are in most of the cases are creative and adopt step by step approach in solving problems and are confident in their approach.

The skills which are acquired through education, training and work experience help engineers to solve problems quickly. Even though there are many branches in engineering education, all the branches equip the students with a systematic approach in problem solving. Engineers are able to identify any logical inconsistencies in solutions proposed by others. They are capable of running what-if scenarios quickly in their minds which helps them in selecting an option that is best suited for a particular situation.

Proper approach to problem solving

Engineers can ensure a proper structure to the means by which a business issue is approached in a robust and permanent basis. Understanding every problem gives them the opportunity to uncover the best solution and this ability helps them to maintain their temper every time they encounter a problem. They are the best in working with a team and spread a sense of confidence and optimism to the team they work with, which makes the team to deliver excellent options and solutions. There is high level of interaction between the team members which presents them with opportunities to learn.

Only those who are really passionate about engineering should pursue a course in engineering. After joining for engineering education he or she should master the art of problem solving ad be well versed in engineering basics.



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