Exam Pattern and Syllabus for MPKVV Assistant Engineer Recruitment Test


Diploma holders in Electrical/Electronic Engineering can join the recruitment process for ‘Assistant Engineer’ conducted by Madhya Pradesh Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited (MPKVV). Selection is done through a written test and interview.  Written exam comprises both technical as well as general aptitude questions.

Exam Pattern for MPKVV Assistant Engineer Recruitment Test

Written test comprises of objective model questions only. There will be both technical as well as General Aptitude questions.  75% of the questions is related to technical topics and it is based on the subjects studied at diploma level in EEE/ECE. Total time allotted for the completion of the test is 2 and half hours.

Syllabus for Technical Section of MPKVV Assistant Engineer Recruitment Test

Basics of Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical Measurements
  • Energy
  • Ohm’s law
  • Power
  • Basics on Voltage
  • Concepts of Current
  • Resistance

Circuit Law

  • A.C. fundamentals
  • Concept of flux
  • E m f
  • AC circuits
  • Electro-magnetic induction
  • Electro-magnetism
  • Equation of sinusoidal wave form
  • Kirchoff’s law
  • Magnetic circuits
  • Network theorems and their applications
  • Reluctance
  • Resonance
  • Self and mutual inductance
  • Simple network problems
  • Values of alternating waves
  • Measurement and measuring instruments
  • Moving coil ammeters and voltmeter
  • Moving iron ammeters and voltmeter
  • Wattmeters
  • Multimeters

Electrical machines

  • A.C. series motor
  • 1-Phase and 3-phase Transformer
  • 3-Phase Induction Motor
  • Armature Reaction
  • Auto transformer
  • D.C. motors
  • Efficiency of D.C. machines
  • Fractional KW motors
  • Generation of 3-phase e m f
  • Generators
  • Parallel Operation of two Alternators
  • Principle of operation
  • Reluctance motor
  • Rotating magnetic field
  • Single phase induction motors
  • Speed control and starting of D.C. motors
  • Starting and speed control of 3-phase induction motors
  • Synchronous machines
  • Synchronous Motors
  • Torque-speed characteristics
  • Voltage Regulation

General, Transmission and Distribution

  • Comparison of Conductor materials
  • Efficiency for different systems
  • Electric drives and motors
  • Electric heating
  • Electric welding
  • Electroplating
  • H.R.C. fuses
  • Illumination
  • Inter- connection of power stations
  • Lightning arresters
  • Load factor
  • Merz- Prince System of protection of generators & transformers
  • Power factor improvement
  • Principles of extinction by oil and air
  • Protection of feeders and bus bars
  • Short circuit current for symmetrical faults
  • Switchgears
  • Types of power stations
  • Utilization of Electrical Energy
  • Various transmission and distribution systems

Syllabus for General Aptitude Section of MPKVV Assistant Engineer Recruitment Test

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Analytical and Logical Reasoning
  • English Comprehension
  • Verbal Ability
  • General Knowledge

While preparing for the exam, candidate should give good emphasis to technical section, as majority of the questions are based on this section. Prescribed books at diploma level as well specific books meant for the exam can be used for preparation.



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