Fee structure in BITS Pilani


Admission fee, Caution deposit, Student’s Union fee, Student’s aid fund fee, etc of all courses in BITS Pilani are the same. Admission fee amounts to Rs. 18,000/- per annum and tuition fees amounts to Rs. 70,000/- per semester. For all campuses of BITS, Pilani caution deposit amount is Rs. 3000/- (for the whole duration of the study). Separate fee is charged from students who are residing in college hostel. They must pay hostel rent, mess and electricity fees, hostel maintenance fee, etc.

Overview of Courses in BITS Pilani

Undergraduate Programs (Integrated)

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)
  • Master of Science (Hons)
  • Master of Science (Tech)

Postgraduate Programs

  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Pharmacy
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Master of Business Administration

Other than this, BITS Pilani also offers Ph.D programs in various disciplines.

Fee structure in different BITS Pilani campuses

At BITS, Pilani- Pilani Campus

Admission fee for UG, PG and Ph.D programs is Rs. 18,000/- per annum. Tuition fees for each semester is Rs. 70,000/- and that for the summer term is Rs. 35,000/-. Caution deposit is Rs. 3000/-. Other than these fees, students must pay union fee and aid fund fee. Students’ union fee and aid fund fee (for each year) are Rs. 350/- and Rs. 100/- respectively.

Students who are residing in college hostel have to pay an amount of Rs. 3500/- per semester as rent. Summer term fee for these candidates is Rs. 1750/-, which amounts to half of regular hostel fee. Apart from this, hostel residents have to make payment for mess and electricity as well. For this, they must pay Rs. 6000/- during semesters and Rs. 3000/- during summer terms. Mess and electricity charges must be paid at the beginning of each semester. Further adjustments on these fees will be made at the end of the concerned semester. Hostel maintenance fee accounts to Rs. 2000/- per year. Besides the fee amount mentioned above, Ph.D students must make an additional payment of Rs. 14,000/- as thesis examination fee.

At BITS, Pilani- Goa and Hyderabad Campus

Fee structure in BITS Pilani Goa Campus is almost same as that of Pilani Campus except the case of hostel fee. At BITS, Pilani- Goa Campus hostel fee is Rs. 6000/- per semester. Summer term fee in this case is Rs. 3000/-. Hyderabad Campus of BITS Pilani also charges the same fee for hostel. However, in this campus Mess & Electricity advance are slightly high. It amounts to Rs. 9000/- during semesters and Rs.4500/- during summer terms.



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