BITS Pilani,First Semester Computer Networks (BITS C481) Comprehensive Examination Papers


Computer Networks is the study of networking and computer data transfers in the computers. The data transfer rate is the things which are some parts of the course. Networking is an important part of computers.

Importance of the paper:

Data transfer and computer networking is very crucial in present time, almost every operation in public sector are completed by networking. Every other computer is connected with networking and related to each other.

Paper Pattern:

Paper of Computer Networks contains 9 very long answer type questions in it. The questions asked in the paper are divided into 2 sections; Section A is of 5 questions and 3 from it are required to be solved. Section B is of 4 questions from which 3 are to be solved. Each problem is divided into 3-4 sub-questions for the comfort of the students.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions asked in the paper are such as reference model of Novell Network, purpose of cladding in an optical fiber, critique of the OSI Model and its protocols, 1-bit sliding window protocol, High level Data Link Control, Token Ring, operation of a LAN bridge, Link State routing, closed loop congestion control, congestion control in ATM networks, SNMP, two-way authentication using a challenge response protocol, TCP segment header with a neat header format, connection oriented and connectionless services, various reasons for congestion, density relative to the core etc.

Marks and time:

The paper is of 120 marks and allotted time to fetch the marks is 3 hours only.

Recommended Books:

  • Computer Networks - Elsevier
  • Computer Networking by Pearson Education
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