Forensic Scientist – How to become a Forensic Scientist?


Forensic scientists are the professionals who collect the physical evidence from crime scenes. These people help the investigation of crime by analyzing the physical evidences. They are mainly concerned with the application of techniques in science and its principle for the exploration of a crime. Using the various advanced technologies, these professionals convert the clues obtained from a crime scene into evidences that can be presented before the court of law. The various physical proofs that are analyzed include blood, hair, fingerprints, etc.

Qualifying Exam

To become a Forensic scientist, one mainly needs good experience in this field. They should have at least a Master’s degree in forensic science. A graduation degree in concerned subjects is required to pursue this master’s degree. The discipline specialized at under graduate degree can be physics, chemistry, microbiology, zoology, biochemistry, BDS, B.Pharma, botany or any other applied science. Many universities in the country offer the postgraduate programme in Forensic Science.

Students who aim in a career in forensic science should concentrate on the science subjects from their high school education itself. After completing the higher secondary education with PCB, they can apply for the bachelor’s degree programme in any applied sciences. Those who have completed this undergraduate degree can join for the master’s degree programme in forensic science. These postgraduate students can then start their career and gain experience by working in any laboratories or with any law enforcement agencies.

Key points in the process

  • Pursue the higher secondary education with PCB from any reputed schools. Concentrate in the science subjects from this level itself.
  • Join for bachelor’s degree course in physics, chemistry, botany, or any applied sciences in any reputed university.
  • Pursue the Master’s degree in Forensic science and gain experience through entry level jobs.

Search out for the jobs in Forensic departments and apply for the forensic scientist posts.

Skills required for a Forensic Scientist

The job of Forensic Scientist is very adventurous and challenging. They need a lot of hard work to perform in this field. Those candidates with a high passion in science and also investigation are most apt for this profession. They must be able to give information and educate the concerned investigation officers about the physical evidences and make appropriate decisions accordingly. They should be able to analyze the physical proofs of a crime scene and produce a logical conclusion. Besides they must also have the skills to perform in a team.



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    can i get admission in in foensic science after completing bsc zoology?

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    Can i get admission in msc forensic science after completing bsc biotech or should i opt for bsc chemistry

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