Courses in Forensic Science and post-course career opportunities


Forensic science which is also termed as forensics is a vast branch of science that deals with the study of physical evidence in a modern perspective. It is all about the study of truth and evidence in criminal investigations. Since it is a broad area of study, there are many courses available in this area. Some of the well known courses in Forensic Science in India are discussed in the article below.

  • Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science
  • Master of Science in Forensic Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Forensic Science
  • Advanced Diploma in Cyber Laws
  • Certificate Course in Forensic Science
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science & Related Law
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Digital & Cyber Forensic Science & Related Law
  • Master of Philosophy in Forensic science and Correctional Administration
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Criminology & Forensic Science
  • Diploma in Finger Print Examination
  • Diploma in Document Examination

Basic & Advanced Certificate Courses in Forensic Science

The courses cover areas including ballistics, toxicology, biology, chemistry, serology, physics, forensic medicine and criminology etc. In addition to this, online courses are also available in Forensic Science.

Colleges offering Forensic Science courses in India

  • Osmania University
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • University of Madras
  • University of Delhi
  • Ramjas College
  • University College for Women
  • All India Institute of Medical Science
  • St. Xavier’s College

Career avenues in Forensic science

Forensics deals with investigating a crime by the application of scientific principles. Forensic science is an exciting field to work, with a lot of career options. Forensic scientists work under Justice System. Hence Candidates seeking job in Forensic Science should not have a criminal record. Apart from good academics, candidates should have good observation skills, ability to arrive in logical and practical conclusions, and good team spirit. They can find jobs as Forensic Scientist, Forensic Expert, Forensic Investigator, etc in firms like International Forensic Sciences. Aspirants can find employment as Medical Examiner, Crime Laboratory Analyst, Forensic Engineer, and Crime Scene Examiner. Job opportunities for forensic scientist exist in Government organizations such as Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Intelligence Bureau (IB) and in Crime cells/ State Police as Investigative officers.


The salary package of professionals working in forensic department varies from state to state according to the respective Government pay scales. Professionals working in private firms such as detective agencies start their career by earning Rs.8000/- to Rs.12000/- per month. Experienced professionals can negotiate their pay scale since this is a skilled work. Reputed officers can earn Rs.50000 to Rs. 60000/- per month depending up on the case he/ she is dealing with and the agency for which he is working.



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    Sir! i have completed my bsc this year, so i want to knw can i do in forensic science? so plz give me full detail for admission in this course and regitration date & different entrance exam and ther dates……plz rply quickly??????…..

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    jyoti yadav:

    i have completed my gradution in microbiology so i want to know can do in forensic science? plz give me full detail for admission in this couse and ragistrion date & entrance exam for and examination date. plz reply quicly

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    I am an occupational therapy student, we do have scope in mental & psychosocial health . I want to know whether i am eligible for master of forensic mental health course &/ or about the eligibiity criteria for the above mentioned course.
    Please reply

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    I have completed my M.Sc.Biochemistry(2007).How can i get a job in the field of Forensic Science?