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  1. Did you choose your present field with you interest or were you forced into it?
  2. Are Indian Coaching Institutes spoiling the raw intelligence of students?
  3. Can India ever become a developed country?
  4. Do you believe that Indian students are more intelligent than other countries students?
  5. Do you bunk your classes?
  6. Would you like to become Prime Minister of India for one day? If yes then what changes would you bring to the country?
  7. Will Corruption ever end in India? If yes then how?
  8. India or Abroad: Where would you like to study?
  9. Do you think India's Education System needs changes?
  10. Merchant Navy or Indian Navy? What should be preferred?
  11. Early Morning or Late Night? When Do You Prefer To Study?
  12. Common Entrance Exam for Engineering and Medical - Is it a good decision?
  13. Is coaching necessary to successfully crack exams?
  14. Would you prefer a field that interests you or a field which has confirmed high salaried job?
  15. Is congress providing a good leadership for india?
  16. is current point system ok?
  17. was XAT 2010 tougher than cat?
  18. Will you join 'POLITICS'
  19. Is india a super power?
  20. which is tougher GATE OR IES
  21. Which one is tough M.TECH OR MBA?
  22. What is better medicine or engineering?
  23. Regular MBA vs. Correspondence (distance) MBA
  24. Reservations should be there or not?
  25. Government job vs Private sector job?
  26. M.TECH OR MBA? which one is more in demand?
  27. Will you take part in the next Scholarship?