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How to adopt at new place and in new environment? I'm from Bangalore and will go to Dehradun next week

How are you all My name is Ahmed Study English in Bangalore have been recorded in the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering in Dehradun will go a week or two weeks, an area new to me by one of possible solutions and help me when I'm out

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Default Re: How to adopt at new place and in new environment? I'm from Bangalore and will go to Dehradun next week

We all go through changes in life constantly. We shift to a new house, a new place for higher studies or a new place to work, and that means get along well with the food, climate, culture etc. How to adopt yourself in a new environment is often a nagging question for which we need to keep a ready answer, or else one will end up alienating the local people, get prone to sickness from unacceptable food and climate. So it is always sensible to keep going along on the same line as our predecessors have done before.

Situations and new environment can be so numerous that it is virtually impossible to foresee all beforehand. However there are some broad guidelines which we can modify to suit our needs so that living the new environment can be a pleasurable experience, and rewarding too.
Foremost in adopting yourself in a new environment is the cultural shock. There is nothing more devastating if you fail to blend with the customs of the local people; especially in their culinary habits, clothing, greeting, language usage etc. The first thing you need to do is learn the language of your place of adoption if it is new from your own or learn a new accent if it is different from your own. That way you will be able to mingle with others. Speaking the language also often means acceptability, and fraternity affinity follows without the least difficulty.

Change yourself to the local culinary habits if you have to dine with your new friends. You may experience difficulties in the beginning but soon they will vanish if you are persistent enough. People are quick to appreciate your capacity to adopt; it is good for you as well as the society into which you have chosen to live and make it your new home. Receiving appreciation is also a sign that you have adopted yourself in the new environment seamlessly.

Dress yourself like a local and respect their customs, especially if you are into a place that is conservative and dressing scantily is a taboo, even if that means inconvenience for you. If you are businessman then look around and see how other businessmen dress and take the cue that you will very much need. In some places even a suit can be out of place, especially in tropical countries. If you are woman and are taking a job in a place you hardly know, then ask one of your colleagues to help you out. They can take you to the right place for a new set of wardrobe you may want to buy. Better still ask your employer if they have a dress code to follow in office. The general rule however is to be modest and avoid gaudy or flashy dressing. Use minimal jewelry and make over; in some societies they are looked down upon and if only you can maintain this strictly, you have already learnt the how-s of adopting yourself in a new environment, and half of your dilemma is addressed.

If you are a student and have recently immigrated into a new country to complete the rest of your studies, first ask to see a counselor who can guide you to adopt yourself in a new environment that you find yourself in. See how your fellow students address their teachers, the kind of questions they ask and etiquette in general. The last one is most important; the rest of your stay will determine how well you are able adopt yourself in the new environment.

Do not be too much worried about losing your cultural identity or attach too much importance to this issue. After all it is your new society into which you will have to spend a long period of time. Adopting yourself in a new environment often also mean you have to make some sacrifices for which you can hope to receive rich reward by way of appreciation from the locals. Culture and customs are after all dynamic; they will change constantly as time flies by. Be prepared for those changes and dont be overtly jealous about protecting imaginary objectives.

Be a law abiding citizen and respect the local laws; even though they may be vastly different from your home country, especially those laws that you need to respect in public places like hotels, road, shopping malls, paying bills, tipping etc. Finally avoid ridiculing the locals for their customs and habits relating to women and children.

How to adopt yourself in a new environment and reaping the benefits accruing to you are all a state of mind. Be prepared to accept changes and you will see a new lot opportunities opening before you for your betterment of course. If you resist yourself to changes then there are all possibilities of rejection from the people who live around you. So the choice is yours.

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Default Re: How to adopt at new place and in new environment? I'm from Bangalore and will go to Dehradun next week

I would share my experiences and knowledge what I went through in my masters when I moved to Ahmedabad completely a new culture people environment.
I was very afraid for the change which was coming my way but trust me these changes are for good welcome it with all your heart and mind and start living and embrace the change that's the easiest way to cope up with the change.
Try communicating and get that shy and why me first atitute if you have that really helps.
Make friends and be ready to collect lots of memories

Do you have any question? or have anything to say?

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