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How to tackle AIPMT exam?

How to tackle AIPMT exam? can you please provide me with some tips?


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Default Re: How to tackle AIPMT exam?

Well, for AIPMT you really need to do something extraordinary because its a 2 step process consisting of prelims and mains.

For AIPMT you will need to master the problem solving skills of Physics,Chemistry.

I will give you a trick to make it easier for you to pass. Try to work on you strengths. Aim to master chemistry as most of the time the chemistry paper is easier than the others.

Also refer NCERT books because question appear from the excercise section.

Also solved question papers are important as question normally appear from past year papers

All the best
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Default Re: How to tackle AIPMT exam?

Exam Dates: Preliminary Exam - on 3rd April, 2011 (10:00 AM to 01:00 PM)

Final Examination - on 15th May, 2011 (10:00 AM to 01:00 PM)


Preliminary Examination:

consist of one paper containing 200 objective type questions . The duration of paper
would be 3 hours.

Final Examination:

for those who qualify in the Preliminary Examination.

The Final Examination would consist of one paper containing 120 objective type
questions The duration of this paper would also be 3 hours.


1.prepare a good study plan for the exam.

2.Give a little bit time to every subject per day.

3.Plan your revision schedule

4.take tests every week and figure out what mistakes you commited.

5.analyze the questions you could not attempt and then try to find solution

6.Discussions With Friends Are Important

7.If you have any doubt ask. Never leave a doubt unresolved.

8.give more time to topics in which you are weak
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Default Re: How to tackle AIPMT exam?

First you know all about the AIPMT exam, it is not easiest exam the some extra performance is done for this exam.

*The Central Board of Secondary Education administers one of the major admissions tests for medical programmes, the All India Pre- Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Examination, for 15% merit seats in medical/ dental colleges across the country.
*The test has two stages, preliminary and main.
*The three-hour preliminary exam consists of one paper carrying 200 objective type questions (four options with a single correct answer) from physics, chemistry and biology (botany and zoology).
*Date and time: April 3, 10am to 1pm
*The three-hour final examination consists of one paper containing 120 objective type questions from physics, chemistry and biology (botany and zoology)
*Date and time: May 15, 10am to 1pm
*Students can take the papers in English or Hindi.
More on http://aipmt.nic.in/aipmt2011/ai pmt/welcome.html
so your preparation is start now.
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Default Re: How to tackle AIPMT exam?

Since it is very competitive which test your theoritical and aptitude aspect.
For sure , you should have crystal clear concepts and increase your question solving speed through sample papers.
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Default Re: How to tackle AIPMT exam?

Tip #1

The AIPMT is a two level assessment. The primary degree of which comprise of 200 different decision questions, out of which 100 are from Biology. Though the subsequent level (given by just those up-and-comers who clear the primary level) comprise of 20 questions of five denotes each and 100 different questions. So one ought to rehearse the model MCQ's well.

Tip #2

One of the main subjects for any PMT test is Biology. 100 out of 200 different decision questions in AIPMT first level is from Biology. Applicants showing up for AIPMT ought to be intensive with Biology.

Tip #3

Up-and-comers ought to get ready from various books and study material yet they shouldn't befuddle and strain themselves by leaving one book inadequate and beginning another one. They ought to take up each book in turn and study is completely.

Tip #4

However half of the test comprises of Biology, Physics and Chemistry ought not be dismissed. Competitors might read up NCERT books for both.

Tip #5

One ought to make an overhauling design which suits one's cerebrum and limit and shouldn't indiscriminately follow other's timetable. It is in every case great to have the formulas and key points helpful (for example all composed on a little paper together which can be updated chance to time).

Tip #6

Using time effectively is one procedure understudies showing up for pretty much every test ought to learn. AIPMT first level has 200 questions which are to be endeavored in 3 hours that is 180 minutes, which leaves around 50-55 seconds for every question. A competitor shouldn't waste time on the questions which seem hard to them or which they can't tackle, rather they ought to move further.

Tip #7

One shouldn't frenzy or take pressure on the off chance that he/she ends up missing a few questions that are a piece of a test. Indeed, even the clinchers don't know 10-15% of questions. So it's totally OK to push ahead in the event that a question is tedious to endeavor the excess. Frenzy and stress is the main enemy of scoring marks.

Tip #8

Mock-Tests and test papers are truly outstanding to rehearse. One ought to go for the last 5-10 years question papers for training. It gives a decent practice as well as gives a plan to the understudies about how the question paper will be.

Tip #9

However counterfeit test are significant, rehearsing them is more viable in the event that they are finished toward the finish of the readiness. First the competitor ought to complete his/her arrangement and afterward go for these mock papers and improve bit by bit.

Tip #10

After readiness, one ought to focus on further developing the strike rate and precision rate by rehearsing more.
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