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Is there any possibility for me to complete the course if I have 5 backlogs and still being in 3rd year?


I join in vtu on the academic year 2008 .i attended 3rd year on2013-14.stil i have 5 back paper in 3rd year.this is my eighth year.til i didnt enter to 4 th year.is there any possibility to complete my course..? Can you please tell me what should I do?

9th October 2015, 12:16 PM
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Default Re: Is there any possibility for me to complete the course if I have 5 backlogs and still being in 3rd year?

Well, you have taken quite a long time to come to 3rd year. If you were admitted in 2008, then your 3rd year should have been in 2011 end or 2012 beginning. But now that you have invested an amount of time in your 3rd year. You must complete it and make it to 4th year.
See, in engineering some students do not succeed due to one major reason. They try to cover every bit of the syllabus in a short span of time. Then ultimately at the time of the examination, when a question from their known set comes, they forget what to write. It is because, they have already so much in their head, that they get confused. Check if you are a victim of the same symptom. May be that is why, even if the answers are known you are not able to write it properly. Hence you are not being able to complete 3rd year.
1) So I would suggest that you try to section your study into proper timings and proper chapters.
2) Study only those sections that are important for your examination.
3)Never miss any classes of your college. Many times the teacher mentions the name of the chapters that are important for your examination. So you can skip the rest.
4) Join a tutorial home immediately. They not only coach you to write the proper answers, but also to study the sections of your syllabus that are important for your examination. They hold mock tests which increase your confidence in writing answers.
5) Lastly, study and study. Do not invest your time in movies or gaming sections right now. Once you pass out the 4th year there will be enormous time for this.
I bet if you follow my instructions your result will improve.
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