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Is it too late to get admission in engineering at the age 26 years?

My age is 26 sir, I did diploma course but it took 7 yrs to complete, not because I don't like engineering because of my family problem and some economical problem which my family was facing. My elder brother kicked me out of the house just because he has to feed one person extra. Who was not doing anything, and that was me, sir. Afer some years I am here sir so I thought I have to do engineering because I have not done 12th so there is no option I guess and m so hard do so. I know there are so many engineers who are jobless, but still, I have to do sir. I don't know what to do, I am so depressed please help me, sir.

12th November 2017, 11:40 PM
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Default Re: Is it too late to get admission in engineering at the age 26 years?

After the diploma, if you want to get into Engineering then there is a special examination for the diploma fellows named LEET.

LEET >>>> Lateral Entry Engineering Test.

If you qualify in the Test then you will be allotted a seat in the engineering college based on the rank in the examination and your diploma percentage.

You will be given the admission in directly in the 2nd year of engineering.

13th November 2017, 06:20 PM
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Default Re: Is it too late to get admission in engineering at the age 26 years?

No sir you are too late to get admission in engineering as your age crosses 24years. The maximum age required for engineering course is 24years and you crossed it. Although you are a diploma holder but sit it doesn't helps you.

You can try in open universities may be they will admit you. But at this stage i recommend you not to go for engineering as it eats your 3 more years and the degree which you get then will be of no use.

Instead you can use your experience and diploma certificate to get a better job related to your field. Companies always seeking for ripen fruits and they will easily hire you at good salary package. Also you can go for some other courses as complimentary like BBA,BCA etc. After that go for MBA and this step will enhance pace of your career building.

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