Future After BA In Hindi


Hindi is the national language and the opportunities that you have after successfully completing BA in Hindi are many. Having a BA in Hindi would mean that the person has a lot of knowledge in that field. The person can become a writer easily by putting in a bit of effort to be creative.  When choosing the area to write, it is very important that you choose an area that you have extensive knowledge in. This will ensure that you come out in flying colours as an author.

After pursuing BA in Hindi, you can take up a job as a pedagogue. The number of schools and educational institutions are rising in India. This has created a lot of vacancies for teachers in Hindi. You can also find jobs in schools that are outside India since the popularity of Hindi is catching up worldwide. Many popular and renowned universities offer Hindi courses and therefore the opportunities are even more.

Another field that people with BA in Hindi can work is translation. Hindi books are often transplanted into English so that they can be sold worldwide. If a person with BA in Hindi has good skills in English language then he or she can easily find a job in this field.

People with BA in Hindi are required in newspaper industry. If you do well, you will be able to become the editor of a newspaper in no time. There are many jobs that a person with BA in Hindi can find. It is endless.



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    manoj sharma:

    I have Passed my TYBA from mumbai university in political science with 45 % . so which course can I do it for my further study apart from MA so please suggest me, i am too confuse about my future so kindly help me for the same as soon as possible.


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    daljeet singh:

    b.a part1 assegement material ignou sunder bani degree collage
    hindi medium bhsf

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    Noor fathima:

    hai i have completed my hindi Ratna with 85% so next what will be done plz guide me…..

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    sagar ravi:

    Ph.D. ki puri jankari chiye plz help me sr a to. z puri k puri

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    Rekha Sonavane:

    i have comleted B.A in HINDI with 70% in TY and i am bright in my study so what should i do? BEd or MA? Please guide me?

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    How to Prepare For M.A (hindi)…….

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    after done ba wt mba is possible direct pls answer