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Google can undoubtedly be regarded as the most powerful search engine on earth. It offers targeted search from as many as 8 billion web pages. Google attracts more than 80 million English speaking people worldwide. The search engine also operates in more than 35 other languages.

The source of revenues of the company is the ads which are targeted by the keywords. Ads are sold by Google to more than two hundred thousand websites.

The pattern of the Google recruitment test is given below:

The test is an online one and has 4 modules. Each module has a fixed time allotted to it. The duration of the test is 40 minutes.

Module 1 is English with time duration of 5 minutes. There is a single passage with 5 questions.

Module 2 is General Aptitude. Time allotted is 10 minutes. The questions are based on simple logic and are generally 5 or six in number.

Module 3 consists of technical questions with duration of 15 minutes. The questions are generally from Computer Networks.

Module 4 is an analytical test. Time allotted to this section is 10 minutes. This section is the most time consuming one and to complete it in time you need to have a good typing speed as well as assessing speed.

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    ambrish kumar saini:

    sir, what is percentage criteria for goggle campus placement.

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    hello,i am currently pursuing my final year of B.E under sai vidya institute of technology.please send me all the placement papers to my mail and guide me in all aspects so that i can be placed in a good company like google.please oblige my request…

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    plz tell me the exam name which conducted for google job with full details.

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    I am currently pursuing my third year of B.Tech.(IT) under Anna University, Chennai. Can I apply for a jog in google as a fresher next year? I want the details of the website link where I should upload my resume and which month should I apply?

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    now iam studying in plus two my course is commerce i like to do a job in google company so what can i do

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    amrita chhabra:

    how we prepare for any placement?

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    I am M.C.A final year i want previous year placement paper,i want intership in the google pls help my Request….

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    i am doing my 11.i want to get placement in google.somebody help me by giving website.

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    can u send me all google placement paper on my mail

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    hi i am krishna can you give me previous placement papers to my mail

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    Poonam Khadakkar:

    Hi, Can you please send me the details about when and how we have to apply for google entrance exam to my mail?

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    sujatha allapati:

    hi i am sujatha can you give me previous placement papers to my mail

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    I am a 4th sem (ETC) student interest to know the procedure and preparation to get a job in microsoft,google etc.Can you please help me to know more about it.The percentage,appilied procedure……

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    swati garg:


    can u please tell me about any job oppurtunities in development of projects in java language?

    Thanks and regards
    Swati garg

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    N Maharshi Harsha:

    ia m n maharshi a btech final yr student …. can u guv me alll the pares gooogle plase ments to my mail

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    hi this is narendra
    can i get the placement papers of google maps recruitment?

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    hello sir!!!!!! what are the preparations needed for joining M.E?????????????

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    any criteria for google placement means backs are matter in this???????

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    Can you please Tell about the job opportunities of veterinary graduate?