Google Placement Preparation Tips and Placement Process


Google is not like other usual companies, they are more innovative and their main focus is to share information with other organizations. However, as in the growing phase they want to give more focus on their employees, because employees are the main part of success for all organizations. Employees in Google are highly self confident and passionate about their job as well as their company. So they work hard for the success of the organization and in return of this Google offer them high salary and compensation packages, bonus and other financial rewards.

Google conducts a placement process for selecting bright and talented employees and this includes tests and interviews.

Google Placement Test

At the time of selection process, they conduct a test, which includes different sections. This section includes Questions from computer awareness, verbal reasoning, Quantitative aptitude and critical reasoning and the standard of the questions depends upon the nature of the post. The candidates who clear the written test are called for the interview. It is a psychometric test, which is conducted to identify the personality, behavior, social activities, qualities and values of the candidates. The candidates should be honest in their answers because it is very important to check their ability.

Google Placement Interview

A person who is selected after the psychometric test will be called for a technical interview, which includes questions from what they have studied before and about the project they have undergone. An HR interview will there after the preliminary interview which includes some personal questions like what is the reason behind you to choose Google, your personal interests etc.

Google Placement Test Preparation Tips

There are certain tips that help the employees to pass the test. The test contains some aptitude questions and the questions to check your general awareness. The most important thing needed for answering the general questions are reading newspapers and to build a good knowledge about the changing world. The aptitude questions are very complicated which is mainly asked to evaluate the candidates reasoning capacity and technical knowledge to solve a problem. There are certain competitive exams books which helps the candidates to prepare well for attending the test. The candidates can take the help of the same.

Google Placement Interview Preparation Tips

The candidates who clear the test will have an interview. Without performing well in the interview, the person cannot get the job. Therefore, you have to prepare well for the interview. The important tip for performing well in the interview is to read well about the company and prepare well for answering any technical questions and the questions about your project. To score well in the interview you have to maintain a positive relation with the interviewees. It involves maintain a good body language, suitable eye contact and most important thing is being self-confident.

In the HR interview the candidate should be well prepared, give more attention on your grooming, and try to be honest in your answers. Never try to be over smart because it creates a bad feeling in the minds of the interviewee. There are several interview tips available in the internet, have a look on that and prepare well for an interview with the help of available materials.



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