Government Colleges for Bachelor of Arts in Telugu


Telugu being the sweet mother tongue for all the residents of the historical place of Andhra Pradesh in India, the language is respected a lot by the neighboring states like Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc… Also people who have been migrating from Andhra Pradesh to the rest of the states and the various corners of the world have been busy in spreading this language.

There are nearly 74 million people who are talking in Telugu across the world. With the sweetness that is present in the language there are many people who have been approaching the colleges in Andhra Pradesh to do their BA in Telugu literature. The names of government colleges offering this course are given below:

Government Colleges offering Bachelor of Arts in Telugu:

o Government College (Men), Srikakulam

o Nagarjuna Government Degree College, Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh

o Giriraj Government College, Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh

o New Government Junior College, Hyderabad

When you opt for the course what should be covered for any language is usually bit confusing at times. In general BA for Telugu will cover


Vowels- There is special understanding about the vowel system in this language, when you find the first vowel as in tense form or else lax form, the second vowel that is present in the word will have a different disyllabic noun meaning and even the adjective roots will get changed. Also the more the first vowel is open and centralized the better impact will be produced by the second vowel.

Consonants- These are as usual as in any other language.


Inflection - Unlike English sentences that are long in length with individual words, telugu has been combined with lot many morphemes to form one single word that has several components in it.

Gender- You can see three gender differences when you start learning Telugu in BA course. You have the feminine, neuter and the masculine.

Pronouns – This category teaches you about the differences between the inclusive and exclusive of various norms like with respect and without respect for both plural form and singular form, etc…

Vocabulary- Know as many words as you can to have control on the language when you have plans of using it with your friends.

When you have the information about all the above said topics you can freely talk to your friends who have introduced the course to know more about Telugu language.

Uses of having BA in Telugu:

Though many people assume that doing the degree of BA in Telugu will not earn you more it is the very much important like in government institutions and organizations like the sub registrar offices where the documents would all be in Telugu.

Job Types:

o Proof reading jobs in new paper companies

o Teaching profession

o Admin jobs for managing documents in most of the corporate companies.

Higher education:

Students who have completed their studies in BA in Telugu can go for higher studies if they want to go to the post of editor for a news paper company. MA is the next level of education that can be attained by the individual for this purpose.



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