Government Colleges for M.D Anesthesiology


Anesthesiology is a branch of medicine that deals with study, delivery and usage of anesthesia, which plays a major role before and after any obstetrics or operation. Professionals in the field of anesthesia monitor patient during the effect of general or local anesthesia.

The role of anesthesiologists during operations is crucial since any allergic reactions can arise during the effect of Anesthesia. M.D in Anesthesiology is a postgraduate course in Anesthesiology and a number of colleges offer this course in India. The list of government colleges offering this course is given below:

Government colleges offering M.D. Anesthesiology:

Government Medical College, Surat, Gujarat

Government Medical College (PTBD), Rohtak, Haryana

Government Medical College, Jammu

Government Medical College, Bellary, Karnataka

Government Medical College, Maharashtra

Government Medical College, Aurangabad

Government Medical College, Amritsar

Eligibility for M.D. Anesthesiology:

For seeking admission to this post graduation course, candidates must have completed their MBBS course from an institution approved by the Medical Council of India and they should also have completed one-year internship program.

What are the subjects covered in this course?

Normally, M.D. in Anesthesiology, includes the courses pertaining to local anesthesia, complications of general anesthesia, anesthesia under critical diseases, emergency anesthesia, general anesthesia, physics applied to anesthesia with various equipment, pharmacology of anesthesia, physiology of vomiting, pathophysiology of renal and hepatic failure, endocrinology, nervous system, hematology, blood cases and acid and these subjects might differ from one college to another.

Benefits of doing M.D. Anesthesiology:

After completion of the MBBS, if a candidate takes up M.D. Anesthesiology, he will be able to enjoy the following benefits in his career:

Anesthesiologists normally work in part-time basis and they do not have any real ties to patients and this enables them to take longer vacation and they will be working only a few hours per day.

They can visit the hospital only when an operation is going to be held (i.e.) they can reach the hospital a few minutes before the operation and they need not stay in the hospital for hours together.

Since Anesthesiologists are in great demand not only in India, but also in foreign countries, they can find job placements abroad as well.

Career prospects after M.D. Anesthesiology:

Since the demand for Anesthesiologists is always felt in hospitals, these personnel can get a minimum initial pay of Rs. 15000. After they practice for a few years, they can also enter into teaching job in the field of anesthesiology, which has a higher pay particularly in international universities.



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