Government Jobs after M.Sc in Chemistry


There are many job opportunities available in the public sector for candidates who have finished their Master’s in Chemistry. Both the State as well as the Central Governments carries out exams for employing postgraduates with Chemistry. As a matter of fact, some of the public undertakings recruit candidates on a temporary basis by means of job recruitment agencies in each corporation. It is also possible for M.Sc Chemistry holders with experience to get jobs with the government sector by direct recruitment. In cases like this, they don’t have to appear for an entrance exam. As there are a lot of public sector undertakings nowadays, a wide variety of opportunities are arising for postgraduates of chemistry in the public sector.

  • A candidate with a Master’s degree in Chemistry can get jobs with government chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, factories etc.
  • It is also possible for them to join petroleum companies such as the Bharath Petroleum, Indian Oil corporation etc.
  • It is also feasible for candidates to get jobs as Lecturers or Assistant professors with top Universities or colleges if they have qualify in the NET exam.

Central Government Jobs after M.Sc in Chemistry

There are many research institutes in our country that require professionals in the field of chemistry. The ISRO, DRDO, Bhabha Atomic research Centre, Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer etc  take in students from M.Sc Chemistry very frequently. On top of this, the UPSC, CSIR – UGC, SSC etc carry out entrance exams for the recruitment of qualified candidates into the various departments of the government. In addition to this candidates with M.Sc Chemistry can also appear in the Civil Service exams.

Teaching Profession in Government Sector after M.Sc in Chemistry

Candidates can seek employment with different universities that are accepted by the government of India. The University of Kerala, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Osmania University, Mahatma Gandhi University, Delhi University etc take in M.Sc chemistry graduates as lectures if they have cleared NET. Candidates who have a B.Ed degree can go for teaching career in schools. As one might know, an M.Ed degree alongside NET/SET is required for candidates to apply for teaching posts in Colleges or universities. After securing any of the government jobs, the candidates can later on appear for department tests. This way, they will get promoted into higher positions.

How to prepare for exams for government jobs after M.Sc in Chemistry

As to prepare effectively for various entrance exams, each candidates need to have a good idea about the basics of the subject. Having a very good idea about the syllabus and exam pattern will gives the students more confidence and will help to score high mark in the exam. If the candidates find any subject hard, them more time should be spent as to master in it. Studying each topic individually will definitely help the candidates to get a better in the weak points. They can always refer books from the library, browse the internet or ask teachers or friends in case they have doubts. Apart from this, they can also refer some good guides or reference books for the exam. These guides will have solved question papers. They will prove to be of great help to the candidates. It is advisable to join some good training centers as to prepare themselves thoroughly for the exams.

Coaching Centers for Competitive Exams for Government Jobs

TIME, Excellent Coaching Centers, Brilliance College, Chemistry Point, Success Point are a few of the training institutions which students can join as to prepare for the exams.



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    I have 8 years pharmaceuticals exp. can you sagest me for governments job in gujarat

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    navin sanghvi:

    i am completing msc in organic chemistry in fergusson college pune so i want good salary job with my knowledge

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    D.Venkata Rao:

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    Ravindra wagh:

    I have just complited MSc. in Organic Chemistry plz send more information gov jobs

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    renu nagar:

    sir, i am campleted [oragnic] plz send more information isro jobs.

  8. 87

    sir,now i studing msc chem.i want info.about phd, how to apply?

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    neelam shinde:

    sir,i have complited my msc analytical chemistry i need government job plz guide me.

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    Somnath Lakshan:

    Now I am studing chemistry (organic). pls inform me about medicine company related job. Thanks

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    karthik: physics is a valid curse?

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    I Completed msc organic chemistry in 2011 any government jobs for My Qualification..plz guide me..Amd mostly i give preference to pharma jobs like labs

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    i want govt job . i have done MSc in organic chemistry (74.4%) and i have done PGDCA IN 71%,i have done BEd (80%)i have experince teachering govt poly tec collage in1 year

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    Sir, i have 11 month exp as qc chemist in pharma comp plz tel me list of pharma & chemical goven comp

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    Goven.lob for msc chemistry

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    poonam menaria:

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    debajit saikia:

    Sir i hv completed my Orgnic chemistry i want to go in the oil sector.plz suggest me when and how i can apply

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    debajit saikia:

    Sir i hv completed my Orgnic chemistry i want to go in the oil sector.plz suggest

  27. 68


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    I did my final semester exam in msc general chemistry.I need the information about best job opportunity for my career in my field.

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    Himanshu simgh:

    Sir. Please tell me . What can i do after mse chemistry or bio chemistry

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  34. 61
    manoj kumar:

    i had done msc pharmaceutical chemistry with around four year experience in quality control lab in pharma companies. cn u jus tell me about jobs in govenment sector with my experience .n plz list me the government organization where i can get a job thanks

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    I am doing analytical chemistry. any chemistry jobs in barc and also any govt jobs in chemistry give information about application date. information about sylabus respective exam.

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    I wil be completing masters this year, canyou please suggest best institutions for m.phil or research, in india as well as abroad.????

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    what are oppurtunities after msc?

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    patel pinal:

    I have completed my M.Sc
    (Organic Chemistry) now i am
    doing job, but i want to do P.hd,
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    astha singh:

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    I am very poor in chemistry but i completed msc organic chemistry.
    how to get basics in chemistry??

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    raju kumar:

    2011 i have 59% msc organic chemistry , 52 +67 =59% ,have sort prectical maks, want get central govt job , what i do any additional , reply must 9982338877

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    swati nimsadkar:

    which jobs are avialable after complition of in industrial chemistry????/

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    sumitra giri:

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    which branch in msc chemistry have a great scope for the job?

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    i am
    can i do job in government sector, how, how many jobs ?

  49. 46
    g v d prasad:

    respected sir/madm
    . i am prasad i have completed M.Sc organic chemistry wiyh first class in 2011 .rite now i dont have any job, but i want to get govt job in chemistry based so plz give me suggestion how to prepare for that?

  50. 45

    sir i am complete msc analytical chemistry i am interested governmet sector in chemical jobs so plese information

  51. 44

    what are the procedures to get job in research institutes based on chemistry.? what’s the branch or combination that we gotta choose or concentrate in M.Sc….?

  52. 43
    Rajesh Nama:

    i did completed my M.Sc organic chemistry with 1st class 2011 pass out i want job in govt sector like ongc, ntpc, hpcl, bpcl……..

  53. 42

    i completed M.Sc. chemistry,please guide me to good carrier in govt sector.
    how can aplaye food analysic

  54. 41
    Krishna chaitanya:

    I have finished my organic chemistry 7 now i am working under a private sector. sir/madam could you help me out in sending a good govt. job openings with respect to my qualification to my mail? I will be eagerly waiting for your response..
    Thanks you
    Krishna Chaitanya

  55. 40

    Iam M.Sc. in chemistry with M.phil.
    I am working as PGT chemistry in kvs.
    My age is 32 years (01/09/1979)
    i belongs to general catagory ..
    Am I eligible to work in oil sector like ONGC / INDIAN OIL LTD etc

  56. 39
    Dr.Rajesh Shrivastava:

    In mining industry , an MSc(Physical/Analytical Chemistry)holder can perform quality control job like sampling of ores,Grade assurance etc. ,and what is difference between MSc Geology and MSc Chemistry employees related to their job in different ore/minerals industry in india in quality control department

  57. 38

    Hai, i am studying organic chemisty first year i want to get job after wat type of jobs are there on chemisty (organic)field please tell and how can i aproach it

  58. 37
    Sandip A Gaikwad:

    Respected sir,
    I did complected my Msc organic chemistry with 1st class in june 2011 & i want job in govt. Company like ongc, ntpc,barc,hpcl,bpcl,ioc,….like so. What can i do for it?

  59. 36

    hi i m msc (inorganic chemistry) Second year appeared student.i want to do job in “BHARAT PETROLIUM”, “HINDUSTAAN PETROLIUM”, “INDIAN OIL CORPORATION”…..SUCH companies.
    so , please help me sir.what i can do for getting this job.

  60. 35

    i am chemistry student. shall i write gate 2012 exam conducted by indian oil corporation for chemical engineers..

  61. 34
    vinayak k:

    i completed msc analytical chemistry,pls guide me to good carrier in govt sector.

  62. 33
    sujata dengale:

    I am Msc in organic chemistry recently I have NET qualified in chemical science. I want a job of assitant professor in chemistry in pune & Ahmednagar districts. please help me for finding this job.

  63. 32
    kanchan c m:

    i completed MSc in analytical chemistry .plz help me for to make my career in gov sector. what should i do now.plz tell me………….

  64. 31

    I have done msc organic chemistry, how i can get government job please help

  65. 30

    Please Give me the recent government jobs on MSc Chemistry

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    Bhushan sonawane:

    I have done my M.Sc. Inorganic
    chem. How could i apply in govt.
    Job. Plz tell me from initial to final step. Plz sir/mam i really need it. Plz sir/mam give me one chance then i will give you my 100 percet to them & also for my bright future

  67. 28
    Beena Mahalwal:

    i completed my MBA in finance & Mktg this year only. And i am pursuing Msc. (chem) i just want to know what is the growth into this combination.


  68. 27
    Aditi Jadhav:

    1) Please suggets courses in oil & gas for post of QA & QC

  69. 26
    Sandip A Gaikwad:

    Sir i completed my msc degree in organic chemistry in june 2011. But i want job in gov sector, but i am now doing the job pvt pharma i hope i can manage everiday 2 hrs to the study & remaining time for job. Then it can be possible to get me the gov & also tell the hint what can i do?

  70. 25
    richa singh:

    sir mujhe job ki jarurat h
    i am student chemistry subject

  71. 24
    Kishor joshi:

    Hi.. I am a (chemistry) Previous student I m thinking about my career after So i m confused lf u help me in my bright career

  72. 23

    i m a third year student of bsc(h)chemistry…
    i m confused whether i shuld go for mba or msc after bsc?????
    if msc then which branch should i choose organic inorganic physical ya analytical??????
    plz help me out……

  73. 22
    HSST question for PSC Exam:

    I want model question and answers for HSST PSC examination

  74. 21
    Anil kumar kashyap:

    I have completed organic chemistry 2006 but my percent 54.41%
    what can I give net examination.pls tell me futher action my career

  75. 20

    i have completed msc in analytical chemistry.
    having two year expereince in automobile company naming BOSCH limited in nasik now wanted gov. job in delhi please help me for finding this

  76. 19

    i m watng 4 resit of organic chem. i want to do somethin specific wat should i do in further studies which can help me to get job with a nice pakage

  77. 18

    I am persuing Msc (II)(phtsical chemisytry)
    How can i get job in Forensic laboratory?
    Which exam i have to crash ?

  78. 17

    hi i completed msc organicchemistry pleage tell me on govt jobs

  79. 16
    Tanmoy Roy:

    In which company wheather it is government or nongovernment can i apply for job as a graduate in chemistry honourse

  80. 15

    sir i completed my chemistry in S.V.University in 2011.awaiting govt job .suggest me the govt jobs mainly in A.P & hw to approach

  81. 14

    I completed graduation how can apply govt jobs

  82. 13

    i passed MSc with organic chemistry in 2009 and qualified the gate exam in 2011 year.sir i lossed my two years only for waiting a good job.i am fully confused for my career.plz tell me what should i do now to start a good career.

  83. 12

    Hai I am finished my msc in organic chemistry now I seeking a good job for my qualification
    How can i apply for
    Tell me please

  84. 11

    how i can get job in forensic lab as chemist

  85. 10
    ashu mittal:

    how i can get a goverment job plz give me detail about forms then send me on my id plz do it

  86. 9

    hi im confused about which branch to choose for msc chemistry
    organic or inorganic chemistry. kindly also tell what are government jobs available for these branches.

  87. 8
    Beena Singh:


    I am M.Sc in Chemistry and Bed.

    Jov for the Techig,Pharma Companey, Oil& Gas Lab and Companey.

    Thanks & Regards
    Beena Singh

  88. 7
    kesava rao:

    I have completed my M.Sc (Organic Chemistry) now i am doing job, but i want to do P.hd, what i am doing for that?

  89. 6

    hi i am finished my now i am seeking a good job for my qualification so kindly tell how to apply job in online for

  90. 5
    Amandip singh:

    please tell me what are job oppertunities after in math

  91. 4
    Anuresh P. Kushwaha:

    ho apply directly for goverment job on the basis of experience

  92. 3

    i m in inorganic chemistry and have qualified net recently how can i apply for goverenment jobs.

  93. 2

    what are the process for drdo&isro selection

  94. 1

    I m MSc in organic chemistry pls let me know colleges for persuing Phd near gurgaon and how i can prepare for doing phd.