Government Jobs in Choreography in India


The term choreography denotes dancing and from time immemorial dance had always been a part of the Indian celebrations. Be it award or wedding ceremonies, the event cannot be completed without the shaking of lag and dancing is a part of the Indian culture. In India there are different types of dances ranging from classical dance to folk dance.

These forms of dances are typical to particular parts of the nation and have taken on the texture and hue of that part of region. In India most of the states have their own traditional forms of dances like:

Manipuri for Manipur

Kathak for Jaipur and Lucknow

Kuchipudi for Andhra Pradesh

Kathakali for Kerala

Odissi for Orissa

Bharatnatyam for Tamil Nadu

There are also other forms of dances in India falling under the category of martial arts, drama, folk and semi classical dance. Training in the field of dance can be started at a very early ages (i.e.) when a child is at his/her five or six years.

Career in Choreography:

When it comes a career in choreography, professionals can find jobs as choreographer, teacher or performer and a candidate, who aspire for a career in dancing should possess an inborn talent that would be sharpened with guidance and training. There is no specific age limit for learning dancing, however all that is needed is the will power to master in the art of choreography. Opportunities to dancing professionals are offered by semi-theatrical, opera companies and theatrical institutions like movie studios, TV studios, etc… Nowadays, even private institutions and corporate houses sponsor performers of dance and music for promotion of their products. When it comes to choreography, there is always the opportunity for self-employment in the form of starting dance training institutions and private classes.

Government jobs in the field of choreography in India:

When it comes to government jobs in the field of dancing, candidates can find job opportunities in teaching institutions running under the control of government, All India Radio, Doordarshan and Kala Kendras. Nowadays, most of the government schools appoint dance teachers for offering dance education to primary school students like appointment of music teachers.  Dance Teachers in government schools are also appointed for the purpose of managing cultural activities and for offering training to students for inter-school competitions.

Thus, dancing is a profession that not only offers self-employment opportunities, but also offers professionals with the ability of finding jobs in private sector and in government sector as well.



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