Salaries after B.Tech Biotechnology


The scope of B.Tech in Biotechnology course is comparatively better than other courses in Biotechnology. Graduates of B.Tech Biotechnology can look for jobs in private and public sector companies. They can find jobs in the industries like Drug and pharmaceutical industries, Food processing industries and Bio-processing industries. Most of the pharmaceutical companies prefer B.Tech graduates than other graduates. Lots of opportunities are available for biotechnologists in the government research laboratories. These graduates can become Research scientist, quality control officer or lecturers in any reputed organization. These graduates can also get promising salaries in public and private sectors according to their experience in the concerned field.

Salaries after B.Tech Biotechnology in Government Organizations

One of the most promising careers in government sector for B.Tech Biotechnology graduates is a researcher’s job. This job can get a starting salary of Rs.9000 per month.

Salary will increase according to the experience in this field. Several other jobs are available for these graduates in government organizations with a salary up to Rs. 20,000 per month. If the candidates have graduated from reputed institutions like Indian Institute of Technology, then they can get more salary than the graduates from other institutions. They can also find jobs in government hospitals. Comparatively better salary will be given by these hospitals for such jobs.

Salaries after B.Tech Biotechnology in Private Institutions

B.Tech Biotechnology graduates can get jobs in many pharmaceutical companies with good salary. Several reputed pharmaceutical companies are offering better salary package for these graduates. They can get a starting salary up to Rs. 20000 per month in these companies. Some companies like Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd, Godrej have a biotechnology division. These companies recruit B.Tech Biotechnology graduates to various posts available in this division. Candidates can get a starting salary between Rs.4000 and Rs.6000 per month in such jobs. There are several hospitals in private sector offering jobs for these graduates with better salary package. They can get jobs in the laboratories of these hospitals. They can also find jobs in IT field and earn better salary.

Remuneration after B.Tech Biotechnology Abroad

The scope of Bioinformatics field is going up in today’s world. So there are vast opportunities for B.Tech Biotechnology graduates in many parts of the world. There are many reputed research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and agriculture oriented companies in foreign countries. B.Tech Biotechnology graduates can seek jobs in these companies and earn up to Rs.3 lakhs per month. Most of the organizations in foreign countries prefer experienced B.Tech Biotechnology graduates. So it is better to apply for jobs abroad after gaining enough experience in the concerned field.



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