Government jobs in Event Management in India


Everything has taken shape of event these days and at the same time, people are becoming busy in earning their living thereby becoming self-sufficient with good spending capacity. Even though, the spending capacity of most of the people has improved, they do not find enough time or creativity in satisfying their need for hosting the best possible event happening in their personal life or professional life.

Therefore, the scope of event management of social gatherings is improving these days. Event management is all about organizing an event with the objective of satisfying the targeted audience. All that is required to shine in the field of event management is creativity. The field includes visualizing concepts, budgeting, planning, organizing and proper execution of event, which could be done through proper monitoring of each and every small and big occurrence of the event.

Courses that can pave way for a career in event management:

In the early 1990’s, event management was not even though as a promising career option. Even though, creativity is the main thing required to shine in the field of event management, getting a degree or diploma in this field can offer a candidate with a leading edge in this developing industry. The names of some of the courses that can pave way for a career in event management are:

Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, media and event

Diploma in Public Relations & Corporate Communication

Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management

Diploma in Event Management

These courses can enable the candidates to develop their organizing skills with a professional tough and these courses can be taken up by candidates with any degree or PG degree certification.

Prominent institutions for taking up event management courses in India:

The names of some of the best institutions offering event management course in India are given below:

EMDI Institute of Media & Communication

Indian Institute of Event Management

Event Management Development Institute

Amity Institute of Event Management

National Institute of Event Management

National Academy of Event Management & Development, Ahmedabad

Scope of career in Event management:

Organizations/corporates are interested in core areas of expertise/strength rather than diverting their attention on organizing an event since this task requires experts involvement, planning, negotiations and execution. Therefore, professionals in the field of event management are in great demand in the corporate world for organizing project win parties, employee engagement events, annual day events, etc… Nowadays, even recruitment by these corporate firms are carried out as big events and therefore companies are looking for professionals for effective management of these events. With this many event management firms are emerging in India and candidates will appropriate qualification can find very good job prospects in these organizations at an attractive pay scale as well. Event managers can find job placements in public relation firms, travel and tourism firms, software companies, private consultancy firms, newspaper houses, hotels, hospitality industry, financial institutions, film and serial production houses, fashion industry and advertising agencies.

Government jobs in Event Management in India:

Not only private organizations, but also government organizations like government colleges and schools have their own events for which professionals with good event management skills are in great demand. Most of the colleges have yearly cultural events for this candidates with appropriate event management skills are recruited either on contract basis and even on permanent basis as well. Candidates with qualification in the field of event management can also find job placement as teachers and lecturers for conducting event management courses to future event managers.

Thus, event management is a field that can offer better job opportunities at attractive pay scale to appropriate professionals.



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