Government Jobs in Occupational Therapy in India


There are many people with physical and mental problems with the requirement of getting integration into the mainstream society. These people are prepared by occupational therapists to re-enter the society through vocational training and guidance. The work of Occupational Therapists are invaluable in re-integrating special people into the day-to-day society. Occupational Therapy is a process that enables rehabilitating of people, who are physically impaired or mentally deformed by using their services in different activities like daily chores, recreation, handicraft items and industrial act.

Spastic and physical disabilities in people are treated by professionals in the field of occupational therapy. These professionals help patients in developing their special skills to general performance of work in such a way that they can live independently.

Employment facts in the field of occupational therapy in India:

There is an increasing thrust on the rehabilitation of mentally and physically disable people in recent times in India and many professionals are needed in this area for offering the best rehabilitation to the needy people. Even though, occupational therapy is a field with wider job prospects in the private sector, even government organizations recruit candidates with specialty in occupational therapy in health centres, hospitals, counseling centres, etc… the main employers of professionals in the field of occupational therapy are:


Voluntary organizations

Special schools

Rehabilitation centres

Education in the field of occupational therapy:

Candidates, who wish for a career in the field of occupational therapy can take up the following courses that will be of great use to the candidates to kick start their career in this interesting field:

Certificate course in Occupational Therapy

Diploma in Occupational Therapy

Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy

Best institutes for occupational therapy courses in India:

Some of the prominent institutions offering the above-mentioned courses in occupational therapy are:

Occupational Therapy Training School, Sir D.B. Orthopedic Centre, Mumbai

University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai

Institute of Physically Handicapped, New Delhi

National Institute for Orthopedically Handicapped, Kolkata

The National Institute for Rehabilitation Training and Research, Olatpur

Patna Medical College, Patna

Apart from these institutions, there are several other colleges offering Occupational therapy courses in India and there are also colleges specially meant for offering physiotherapy and occupational therapy courses in the nation.

Nature of work in the field of occupational therapy:

Occupational therapists work with physicians and other members of the healthcare team for helping patients with physical and mental problems in such a way that they can regain to normality and can be as independent as possible. Professionals in this field analyze the problems of patients and according devices the appropriate activities and programmes that would best suit their requirements.

Government jobs in the field of occupational therapy:

When it comes to government jobs for professionals in the field of occupational therapy, government-run medical institutions and other institution, hospitals and rehabilitation centres recruit candidates. The names of government organizations that recently recruited candidates for positions in occupational therapy are:


National Institute of Orthopadically handicapped

Central Institute of Psychiatry


Government medical college, Chandigarh

Thus, occupational therapists can enter into public sector jobs and can enjoy job security!!!



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