Government Medical Colleges for Ph. D in Pathology


Pathology is a precise study and diagnosis of disease, the term pathology was derived from the Ancient Greek term pathos, which means suffering and feeling. The study of pathology refers to the process of defining a behavior or condition as pathological example Pathological gambling. Pathology address four components of diseases namely consequences of changes, structural alterations of cells, mechanisms of development and cause or etiology.

Pathology is further separated into divisions on the basis of either the system being studied or on the basis of focus of examination. Example for the former case is veterinary pathology and animal diseases, while example for the later is forensic pathology and determining the cause of death. Ph. D in Pathology is a doctoral course offered by three government medical colleges in the nation and the names of these colleges are given below:

B. J. Medical College, Pune

Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute for Medical Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram

Of these colleges, the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune not only offers Ph. D in departmental candidates, but also offers to civilian candidates as well in the case of availability of seats after admission of departmental candidates.

About Ph. D in Pathology course:

Ph. D in Pathology is a course that offers a comprehensive overview of animal and human pathology with focus on biomedical pathology and some of the subjects covered in this course are:

Pathogenesis of immunologically medicated diseases


The cell biology of antigen processing and presentation

The structure and function of antigen receptors

Lymphocyte development

Cells and tissues of the immune system

Immunology/ immunopathology

Molecular Pathology: Cellular mechanisms of disease

pathology of major systems and  organs

General Pathology

Introduction of terms used in pathology

Method of selection for Ph. D in pathology course:

Selection of research scholars will be based on their performance in written test and interview. Candidates with JRF Fellowship (ICMR, CSIR or UGC score) will be selected based on interview alone. Candidates with Senior Research Fellowships from other sources like KSCSTE, ICMR, CSIR, UGC, etc… have to qualify in written test and interview.

Scope of Ph. D in Pathology:

Since Ph. D in Pathology is a doctoral programme, it can offer candidates with a wide knowledge required for engaging themselves in research activities in the field of Pathology, which can further develop their knowledge in this field of their interest.



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