Difference between Pathology and Pathophysiology


Pathology is the study of diseased organs, bodily fluids, tissues etc. It also deals with the scientific study of the disease processes. Pathophysiology includes the study of biological and physical diseases as well as the physiological disturbance caused due to various diseases.

Pathology course and career opportunities

Pathology deals with the analysis and examination of bodily fluids, infection and abnormalities. The field of pathology is very critical as it carries out the accurate diagnosis of the patients in a clinical setting. It is this field that finds out the cause of the death. The person who is involved in the examination of the tissue and samples of different organs is known as a Pathologist. Pathologists are of different types. One of the most well known types of Pathologist is the forensic pathologist who works in combination with the Police to solve different types of mysterious deaths.

Some of the other career options in Pathology are:

  • Medical technologist
  • Forensic technician or mortuary assistant
  • Cytotechnologist
  • Medical Lab Technician

Pathophysiology course and career opportunities

Pathophysiology is the study of the changes that is taking place in the body of an organism due to a disease. It affects the usual functioning of biochemical, mechanical as well as physical aspects. The term path means that there is an associated disease and the normal functioning of the body is called physiology. In Pathophysiology, the changes are studied as when, where, what etc. It studies how the disease operates in the body of a human being and the proper treatment is offered. Prevention as well as treatment for different types of diseases can be offered through the proper investigation of the disease.

Key differentiators between Pathology and Pathophysiology

  • Pathology finds out the cause for the disease where as pathophysiology provides treatment to the disease after studying the changes.
  • In pathology, it is very important to study about the clinical signs with the help of sample examination.
  • Pathophysiology always compares the normal functioning of the body and studies about the disease from bottom to top. But in the case of Pathology, it always studies about the disease from top to bottom.

Pathophysiology mainly depends on experimental measurements but pathology is based on the study of direct observations.



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