Higher Study Options after B. Tech in Electrical Engineering


Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering course provides students knowledge in diverse aspects of electronics, electricity, and electromagnetic principles. The technical degree is enough to obtain a lucrative career in areas associated with electricity, power transmission, and so on. Higher studies after B. Tech in Electrical Engineering will help one to improve their technical knowledge and skills in the area. This assists them to obtain a rewarding career which can offer adequate career growth.

Qualification Criteria for Higher Studies after B. Tech in Electrical Engineering

Those who have successfully completed Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from any of the recognized institutions can apply for higher education courses in the same. Admission to most of the masters degree courses are done on the basis of an entrance exam. The score obtained in the entrance test is considered as the prime criterion for the selection of master degree courses.

Higher study options after B. Tech in Electrical Engineering

After completing B. Tech in Electrical Engineering one can opt for higher study options such as MBA or M. Tech in the related area. To become an M.Tech degree holder, the aspirant has to score well in GATE examination carried out nationally. Those who are interested in research can apply for the same after completing the master’s degree. The aspirant has to qualify CAT exam or similar type of exam to get in to the MBA course study. Those who are interested in software field can undergo training in software programming languages or in other technical aspects.

Career Opportunities after Higher studies in B. Tech in Electrical Engineering

Higher qualifications like M. Tech help aspirants to have a bright career in the academic field. They can do well in industry also. MBA degree enables aspirants to acquire business management skills along with technical skills. They can find job openings in any of the areas mentioned below.

  • Bio Medical Electronics
  • Communications
  • Designing and Manufacturing Household Appliances
  • Electric Power Stations
  • Electrically-controlled Industrial Machinery
  • Electricals
  • Electronics
  • Energy Operation and Distribution
  • Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion
  • Health Care Equipment Manufacturing Industry
  • Industrial Process Control
  • IT Industry
  • Railways
  • Robotics
  • Signal Processing
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Wiring and lighting of houses
  • Food Industry
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Chemicals
  • Aircraft and Automobile Industry
  • Electricity Boards/Utility Companies
  • Atomic Power Plants
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Educational Institutions and Research establishments
  • Defense Service

The aspirants can find lucrative career opportunities both in public and private sector. Higher qualifications enable them to get promoted to senior job profiles by gaining enough experience.



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    i doing am IT B.E no but i not intrested in this so i acn change my field im M.E Electrical ?

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    m doing BTECH in Electrical and Electronics Engineering..can i do an MTECH in aerospace engineering? if so, can you tell me what i 2 do 2 get an entry for the MTECH program?