Hospitality Management


In this modern era hospitality management is also an important course.  Part time hospitality management degree is a degree which can be completed by an individual after his high schooling. Mainly students who get them employed peruse the part time courses.


Candidates willing to increase their qualification can opt for this course, as full time or part time. After completion of this course a candidate is eligible for applying in vacancies after meeting the minimum requirements.

Career Prospects:

Candidates seeking the hospitality management course are mainly engaged in place where the requirement of hospitality managers is required such as hotels, resorts, hospitals.


The course consists of mainly two parts Business Management education and practical work experience.
The main subjects covered in this course are Accounting, Information technology, Communications, Management, Economics, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Tourism Industry Perspectives, Hospitality Law, Hospitality Health and Safety.


The candidates after completing the Hospitality management course are required to full the following needs:
1) Identify and maintain standards of operation in line with customer expectations and management policy.
2) Identify and respond positively to pressures, changes and organizational demands of the job.
3) Communicate effectively at all levels.
4) Control all aspects of the day-to-day practical operation and functioning of the department for which they will be

How to apply:

Online applications are not accepted, the candidate is required to consult the related universities.

Admission Procedures:

Applications are considered individually on the basis of qualifications. Candidates under 21 years of age are considered according to their nature of work while mature candidates are considered according to their work experience.


Many universities are offering these part time courses under different criteria. Universities in abroad are also offering such courses. University of Westminster is one such university. Many colleges in India as well as abroad, offer the part time and full time BA degree. In India the main university offering part time Hospitality Management courses is Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU).Other universities include Benaras Hindu University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indira Gandhi National Open University are to mention few of them.

Fee Structure:

The fees structure is different for different colleges and updated almost every year. The detail of the fee structure is available in the university website.



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