MBA in Hospital Management v/s MBA in Hospitality Management - Which course is better?


Even though the two courses, MBA in Hospital Management and MBA in Hospitality Management are post graduation courses in Business Administration they differ in many aspects. Job prospects for the professionals in both field are entirely differ.  Students should choose the course depending on the career aspirations.

MBA in Hospital Management

MBA in hospital management is a post graduation course which includes the study of business and administrative operations related to the hospital industry programs. This is a two year program offered by many universities in India. It can be pursued by both the medical and non medical graduates. The course focuses in developing various skills for the professionals in the healthcare field, who are already trained in operational management. These professionals can find high designation jobs in both government and private sectors. The various areas where they can perform are pharmaceuticals, hospitals, nursing homes, health insurance companies, etc.

MBA in Hospitality Management

MBA in Hospitality management is also a post graduation course offered by many universities in the country. It is a two year programme which focuses on the development of operational and hospitality management skills of students in various industries like tourism, hotel & restaurant management, consultancies, amusement parks, etc. Graduates from any stream of study can pursue this Master’s course. For their admission in various institutions, entrance tests are carried by the concerned universities or at National level. These professionals have many opportunities in India as well as in foreign countries. They can find employment in various resorts, food centers, casinos, retirement homes, global tourism, etc.

Key Difference between MBA in Systems Management and MCA

  • MBA in Hospital management is a course that includes the study of managerial operations in healthcare field whereas MBA in Hospitality management integrates administrative operations with fields like hotels, tourist homes, etc.
  • Candidates who have completed MBA in Hospital management can find jobs in healthcare sectors whereas those pursued MBA in Hospitality Management may work in resorts, hotels or related industries.
  • The scope in MBA in Hospital management is confined to Hospital/ Medical Sector. However the scope of Hospitality sector includes all service oriented areas.

Which course is better?

Professionals from both the fields have got bright career opportunities at present. Students can choose their course of study depending on their career goal and interests. Since the jobs in healthcare field are prestigious and most respected one in the society, MBA in Hospital Management course is better.



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    which are the best colleges for MBA in hotel mangement in delhi

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    can i do MBA in Hotel management or Hospitality management after studying BBA (finance) . which college offers in these academic course so please give me information in details

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    sreenivas rao:

    I have completed BDS dental degree.I wanna do MBA in health care management is it apt.