How to prepare for Pharmacy Entrance Exams?


Pharmacy is a medical related field that combines health science with chemical science. This particular branch of study can be done in various levels such as D.Pharm, B.Pharm, M.Pharm and PhD programmes. A number of universities and colleges in India offer this course. The admissions for these programmes are carried out through various entrance exam organized by the universities or State government.

List of Pharmacy Entrance Exams in India

  • Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT)
  • Manipal UGET
  • Uttarakhand Technical University Entrance Exam (UTUEE)
  • MP PMT Entrance Exam
  • Pondicherry CENTAC JET
  • Annamalai University AIMEE
  • GATE Exam
  • BITSAT Exam
  • EAMCET Exam
  • GCET
  • RPET
  • Punjab CET
  • UP SEE
  • Orissa JEE Exam
  • BCECE Exam
  • Haryana State Counseling Society OLET

General guidelines for preparing for Pharmacy Entrance Exam

All the candidates who wish to appear for these entrance exams should understand its importance. They should make a clear idea about it and should be well planned for the preparations. This can be done perfectly in small steps. Candidates must divide the whole task and allot time for each small task depending on the level of knowledge on the particular task. They must complete each portion at the specified time. Proceeding in this way, a candidate can develop more confidence and can successfully achieve their goal.

Pharmacy Entrance Exam Pattern

The exam pattern will vary according to the universities or the state government conducting it. Usually the question paper will include a total of 150 to 200 questions and its duration will be 2 and half or 3 hours. The syllabus is generally covered from Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects.

Set up a full proof study Plan

If the candidates have prepared a well planned schedule for the preparation then it will be more helpful for them to achieve the aim. The planned schedule must be realistic also. They should make the plan practical and must complete the work for each day. The schedule should be strain less and more effective. They should have a clear idea about the syllabus. They should also be aware of about the time, difficulty faced and the target for the exam.

Ladders in preparing for the Exam

The most important factor before preparation is the proper planning of time. They must divide the full session into different sittings and the syllabus into small segments. They should prepare a clear and specific aim for each study sessions. They must create awareness about the level of difficulty in each session and the materials required for each.

Candidates need to make enough relaxations between each session to decrease the stress and boredom. Also they should regularly monitor their progress in each session. This can be done by taking some tests for each or can solve out the previous question papers.



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