ICFAI University MBA Financial Management (MB2E2) Papers


Financial Management is basically the art of money management. It involves the careful planning by the business organization to ensure that there is a positive cash inflow. The management and organization of financial assets and investments is the key part of financial management and includes identification of risk and taking measures so as to minimize loss. Thus Financial management forms an important part of the management education. The financial managers are people who are responsible for establishing and formulating financial strategy of the company. They are focused on money management. Henceforth Finance has been a prior choice for MBA courses.

Sectional Division in this Paper

There are no sectional divisions in this paper and all the questions are aligned serially.

Expected Pattern of the Question Paper

The Financial Management paper has no sectional divisions and all the questions are arranged one after another in a serial order. There are a total of sixty nine questions and all the questions are compulsory. There are no choices in this paper and so the candidate has to answer all the questions. These are all multiple choice questions with five options and the candidate is required to select one option out of five. The marks are of the questions are indicated against each question. Some carry one mark and some carry two marks depending upon the question.

Marks Allocation

The marks allocated to this paper are hundred.

Time Duration

The paper carries a total of hundred marks and the time duration is of three hours.

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