ICFAI University MBA International Marketing (MB3H1M) Papers


MBA students of ICFAI University during the course have to study International marketing and at the end have to take the exam of the subject. This subject pertains to marketing at the international level. This is a very important for MBA students.

About the subject

The subject is all about marketing at the international level. This is an important paper for those who want to get themselves posted in the marketing section of popular MNCs. This is a paper which tests the candidate’s ability to use his or her knowledge in the real time situations.

Question Paper Pattern

The paper is divided into section A, B and C. The paper consists of both objective and descriptive questions. Section A consists of 30 objective questions. All the questions are provided with five choices and only one of them is correct. The candidate has to choose the most appropriate answer after evaluating all the options. The candidates need to answer all the questions from this section.

Section B consists of seven paragraphs. The candidates have to read the excerpts and answer the questions that follow each paragraph. This section is totally descriptive. Section C is totally related to theoretical portion. This section consists of two questions and the entire questions in this section have to be answered.

Marking of the paper and duration

The paper is for a total of 100 marks. Section A consists of 30 objective questions of a mark each and this section contributes 30 marks. Section B is totally descriptive and contributes 50 marks. Section C is for 20 marks and the total marks sum to 100. Marks are allotted for the clarity with which the facts are explained. Lack of clarity can lead to the penalisation of marks. The duration of the paper is three hours.

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