TNOU MBA-International Marketing (MSP-43) Papers


MBA or Master of Business Administration has different specializations which the students need to choose after completing one year of this course. Some of the specializations are Marketing, Human Resource, Finance management, etc. International Marketing is a paper of Marketing specialization and this subject deals with educating and grooming students on the platform of marketing and how to grab attention of a customer and how to sell products with better ideas. This makes the students know about domestic and international marketing and also help them to understand the impact of international market which they can carry out in domestic markets.

Importance of the subject:

This subject is in high demand as there is a rapid growth of retail sector in the country and the growth will maximize more in the coming few years. International marketing mainly refers to global marketing, i.e. the marketing skills carried out by various firms to sell their products on the global market and make a brand name of it or to acquire a unique identity of their products.

Paper Pattern:

International Marketing paper of TNOU MBA is divided into Part A and Part B. Part A consists of five, 5 marks questions from which the student need to answer only three and part B consists of seven, 15 marks questions from which the students need to write 4.

Frequently asked questions:

Describe the functions of export management.

Write an essay on customs duties and its impact in International Marketing.

Distinguish between domestic marketing and international marketing.

What do you understand by ‘Bill of Lading’? Explain various types of bill of lading.

Marks and Time:

The total marks of this paper are 75 and the time for its completion is 3 hours.


International Marketing W/Student CD and Powerweb by Philip R. Cateora , John L. Graham

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