IETE ALCCS Data Structure and Algorithm Design (CS21) Papers


ALCCS does not come under the main curriculum of the institute but yet it is an important paper as it mainly specializes in the problems related to algorithm and data structures. Students who are weak in data structures and algorithm formation can learn a lot from this course.

Data Structure and its Importance

This course is very important for the students of mainly Information technology and Computer science, students from other streams can benefit from this paper as well. Algorithms are very important for correct and accurate programming. Immense applications are lined up for the students expert in this paper.

Overview of the paper pattern

The paper consists of a total of 7 questions and from this students are required to answer only 5 questions. The first question of the paper is compulsory which carries 28 marks and from the remaining 6 questions any four can be answered. Marks for all the questions are indicated in brackets along the question. The paper requires solving it just after the question in the space provided for the answer.

Questions which are generally seen in the paper

Prefix and postfix notations of writing various operands and operators in expressions, questions based on priority order of operators, divide and conquer method of problem solving, representation of polynomial in programming and solving various equations involving polynomials of various degrees. Linear arrays, COEF, XEXP, YEXP, and ZEXP, algorithm for finding solution to Tower’s of Hanoi problem, Sorting, algorithm for Insertion Sorting technique, algorithm for Binary Search technique, finding shortest path between two nodes using Dijkstra’s algorithm, garbage collection, AVL tree etc.

Time and marks you will get to answer the paper

The full marks awarded to the students are 100 and the maximum time available is 3 hours.

Recommended books for Data Structures and Algorithm Design

Computer science, Sumit Arora

Data structures and algorithms, T.M.H. Publications

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